iPhone 7 vs. iPhone 8: Should You Consider An Upgrade?

Just months after the launch of Apple’s flagship smartphone, the iPhone 7, talks about replacing the flagship are already underway. Not that the iPhone 7 is a failure, rather customers like to compare things. There is little doubt that the iPhone 7 proved to be everything Apple claimed it would, but is there more to it? Perhaps the upcoming iPhone 8 will address its predecessor’s shortcomings if it has any? The lack of 3.5mm audio jack immediately comes to mind, but it was far from weakness, rather, that’s how Apple designed the phone and saw pioneering a new trend. Similarly, the iPhone 7 series turned out to be a let off for some as they were expecting a more radical design, a headphone jack,  bigger screen, and battery to name a few. It turns out that the iPhone surprised many of Apple’s faithful fans. So much so that some of them preferred not to replace their iPhone 6/ 6S with the iPhone 7. Will we see the same story unfold or is there a twist in the tale? Here is more on whether you should consider replacing your iPhone 7 with its successor:

The iPhone 7

Apple’s last year’s launch of iPhone 7 was a bit of a mixed bag. While customers were expecting a lot from the old smartphone maker, the final version left many disappointed. Though the iPhone 7 is still being sold in high numbers, there have been reports that the sales are gradually slowing down. Usually, we see iPhones making a good run of sales for almost six months or more. But, as it turned out, the iPhone 7 didn’t turn out to be the revolutionary iPhone that many were anticipating. So much so that some faithful customers had skipped purchasing it and would rather wait for the iPhone 8. Though it does feature a promising hardware with the A10 chipset, 2GB RAM, 12-megapixel camera and a standard 1960mAh battery, the phone was anything but impressive. However, it had more to do with rumors than anything as insiders and experts claimed that the phone would come with innovative features. The iPhone 7 Plus is the bigger of the siblings and aims at rectifying performance gaps left by the iPhone 7. Despite a dual camera mode, 5+inch screen and slightly bumped up battery; the overall customer impression remained unmoved. All in all, to say that the iPhone 7 lineup fell short of expectations, or the hype that it came with. Now, after all of this, the ball is in the court of the upcoming iPhone 8. The truth is that it is still too early to speculate on its specs and the final package but some new info leaks suggest that Apple is in no mood to repeat the iPhone 7 story.

The iPhone 8: A Worthy Replacement To iPhone 7?

Much like its predecessor, the iPhone 7 sports a familiar design. The problem is that users were expecting something different, or radical. From what is known, the upcoming iPhone 8 will feature a new concept. It is rumored that the iPhone 8 will feature an all-glass covering on both front and back. The company is also looking at fitting a new OLED display. Traditionally, iPhones feature an IPS LCD panel but never an OLED display so that the new phone will take a stride regardingdisplay as well. The iPhone 8 will have the oleophobic coating on both sides of the phone which makes it sturdy and stable. The phone will also be ip67 certified against dust and water so you can use it under most circumstances. The iPhone 7 Plus featured a dual lens camera which was a welcome improvement over traditional single lens cameras. But, the new phone will likely continue the tradition and may also feature a dual lens wide angle camera. Apple is always looking to improve features in the each release. The upcoming iPhone 8 may house a multisensory camera module as the company recently won few new patents including new multisensory camera modules.

The OLED display may likely accommodate a 4K resolution support as well. The screen should produce vibrant colors and a deep contrast ratio compared to previous iPhone models. The battery is still non-removable, albeit a more powerful one. The iPhone 8 will have a 3200mAh battery while the iPhone 8 will consist of a 3500mAh battery. Regarding battery life, the iPhones are known to last more than a day with regular use so the upcoming phone should also offer decent battery timings.

The iPhone 7 had the option of wireless charging, but the latter is the only option to charge your iPhone 8. There is no wired charger bundled in the package, so wireless charging is the only alternative to having your phone charged. Some users may have reservations about wireless charging being the only option to charge your phone. However, so far as we know, Apple seem to have focused on including wireless charging in the same way as they excluded the 3.5mm headphone jack.

Regarding raw performance, the iPhones have always prevailed. Be it academic benchmarks or gaming performance; the iPhones have enjoyed a sizeable lead over its contemporaries. Under the hood, the phone may house a powerful chipset, the A-11 fusion with 3GB or onboard RAM. Previously, the A-10 chipset aboard the iPhone 7 also performed tremendously well, so there are no surprises here. The iPhone 8’s A-11 should theoretically rule the performance chart as its predecessor did. The onboard storage space may vary between 32GB to 256GB, depending upon the version.

Will iPhone 8 Replace the iPhone 7?

The iPhone 8 may well be the smartphone that Apple should be looking towards to. As the iPhone 7 didn’t do well in as expected in some markets, the company has high hopes from its upcoming flagship. Whether the iPhone 8 end sup is replacing the iPhone 7 regarding features and performance, is up for debate. However, there is little doubt that Apple will likely equip it with as many gizmos as they can to regain their lost market share.

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