iPhone 6! What Could We Expect

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With Apple’s new products, there’s always a hint of familiarity mixed with a dash of new. Some common trends seen with Apple’s products are slimmer, faster, and stronger devices. By looking at the past and comparing similar smartphones in the market, I’ll list possibilities of the iPhone 6. Expect the iPhone 6 to be thinner than the iPhone 5. With the cut in size, Apple will still find a way to fit in a stronger CPU and a better graphics chip. This allows consumers to get a more grand experience from Apps.

One of the focal points of Apple’s technologies is the App Store. A change in the way it’s ran may be seen in the iPhone 6. Apple is constantly looking for ways to optimize their software and hardware. Apple knows that their target audience is casual computer users. So, another thing to expect is a user-friendly interface in the operating system. This is another thing Apple has kept consistent in their devices. Also, be ready for something new.

Unfortunately, there are no specifics right now. Apple’s new devices all contain something fresh about them. For example, Siri, Apple Maps, and the Retina Display. These are just a few advancements Apple has made in recent history.

This means the iPhone 6 will most likely have something new, whether it be software or hardware. One of the iPhone’s competitors, the Galaxy S4, has made technological advances in its camera. It’s able to shoot rear and front-facing photos at the same time. You can expect Apple to try and counteract this by adding it into their own device, or coming up with something better. Apple will also try to keep the price of the new iPhone around or below the price of the S4 to stiffen the competition even further.

Another trend that has been seen in the phone industry, is that phone’s screens have been getting larger. The iPhone 5’s screen got bigger than its predecessor, and the iPhone 6 may see another increase in size.

A selling point of the Galaxy S4 is it’s NFC (Near Field Communication) connectivity. Apple may decide to put this on the new iPhone to compete with the S4, seeing as how NFC has proven its worth in the market. One thing is guaranteed, the iPhone 6 will sell well. It’ll be one of the best, if not the best, smartphones in the market.

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