IPhone 5- The Phone withan Eye

Apple phone of the sixth generation lies completely on the level of speculation. It is completely on an assumption level. The iPhone 5 which is yet to be launched in the worldwide market is thus generating a lot of rumors.Whether it is a quad core phone or not is being thoroughly looked into it.  The release date is yet to be fixed but if the sources are to be believed correctly, then the approximate time if the release of the phone will be in the month of June.How long will be the screen? What will the hardware have in store for them? These all aspects are running through the people who are waiting for its release.

The hard ware of the iPhone 5

The news is being leaked that the phone may have a 4G LTE, depending on the battery life of the phoneand the networking upon which it operates. Apple carriers have already been released from the company and they are expected to have the LTE in enough abundance to make it work.The best source that can provide you with the knowledge of the hard ware of the iPhone 5 is the iOS 6. It is being stated that that there will be 9 to 5 mac reports which are hidden within the operating beta system.  However the phone promises to be the lot thinner, on the lighter side and with a great storage facility and the pricing aspect too is being given some serious considerations.

The GPU system and other facets of the iPhone 5

The news about the processor specs has started doing the rounds already. There are supposedly a lot of rumors about the exterior but the GPU system remains at the focal point. The processor is said to be better and with enhanced performance than the newly launched ipad and the level is said to be of 32 nm process. Compared to the iPhone 4S the iPhone 5 is said to have the memory of 1 GB RAM.There has been another piece of information from the 9 to 5 mac that the iPhone launch in the October window can be simply achieved through the iOS 6. An all new iOSapp is expected to be seen very quickly.

The bandbase of the cellular is expected to remain the same in Qualcomm chip which is used in the new ipad.  It is on the lookout to be compatible with the Chinese mobile network TD-LTE. However, last minute changes may be approached and they may also be carried out in the near future. A lot of information has been generated and that is adding further fire to the speculation level as well. A fair picture of what the iPhone 5 may look like has been drawn already even before it has hit the stands.

The maps of the iPhone

There has been umpteen numbers of speculations leading to the news that Apple is planning to shift away from the Google maps and is planning to move to its own iOS Maps apps and an earlier version which has been corresponding to it. It has been already expected that there clearly will be changes pertaining to its fonts, etc.  According to earlier reports the navigation icon of the iPhone 5 is not being attached to any 3D icon.  News about iPhone 5 keeps on trickling in and the rumor mills are abuzz with its features, hardware, software and various other aspects of the gadget. Hopefully, it will not disappoint the people and all the others those who are associated with its making. It is widely held that before his death Steve Jobs made a complete revision of the iPhone 5 and its workings. It is stated that he also did some parts of the redesigning of the phone before his demise.
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