iPhone 4, The Benchmark of iOS Technology

With regards to the speed with which technology is advancing every moment, most of you may be laughing as you read the title of this article. Who needs another review of the iPhone 4 when the 6th generation iPhone 5 has already been launched?
But the latest release is yet to get a hold on the market. Meanwhile, we cannot simply forget the iPhone 4 and the technology it brought with itself, something that revolutionized the industry two years ago. And with the sad demise of Steve Jobs, many will also reminisce the launch of the iPhone 4 at WWDC back in 2010.
iPhone 4 came with a host of stunning features. It has an LED-backlit IPS TFT capacitive touchscreen display with stunning dimensions. The screen is also scratch-resistant owing to the oleophobic coating over the display. The device also includes a Multi-touch input method along with an Accelerometer sensor for auto rotate, along with Three-axis gyro sensor and Proximity sensor for auto turn-off.
Internet Connectivity
To facilitate smooth internet connectivity, the iPhone 4 features GPRS (class 10), EDGE (class 10), 3G and WLAN Wi-Fi that helps you keep in touch with the world.
The iPhone 4 comes with 2 cameras. The first one features a resolution of 2592x 1944 pixels, LED flash and autofocus. The second camera facilitates video conferencing over Wi-Fi.
Retina Display
The iPhone was the first to features the retina display technology. This was possible due to its high-res screen (an impressive 960 x 640) pixels, which was 4 times larger when it comes to on-screen pixels as the previous editions of the iPhone.
Given the size of the phone’s screen (3.5’’ corner to corner), there are 326 pixels per inch. This results in better picture quality, clarity, color, and focus on detail, that the world had never seen before. What the retina technology achieved was the invisibility of individual pixels on screen which can actually block the clarity of the image.
Basically, a normal eye cannot track individual pixels past 300 pixels per inch, which why Apple calls it ‘retina’ technology.
Even if you try to focus on the screen, it is unlikely that you can distinguish between the pixels. To augment this brilliant feature, the screen is LED backlit which results greater focus on detail and color reproduction.
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The author is an expert on iOS devices and accessories like iPhone 4s cases and bumpers.

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