iPad Apps Must Haves

Even if each person’s IT needs are unique, there are still some apps that everyone with an iPad may find useful. If you have an iPad 2 or later model, be sure to check out these apps so you get the most out of your iOS device:

1.    Photo app

The iPad’s camera app is good for people who want a no-nonsense tool for taking pictures. But if you want something more social media-friendly or easier to use if you always want to share your photos, consider using Instagram or other camera apps. If you have a 3G connection, all the pictures you take with the more popular camera apps are automatically shared on your Facebook and Twitter page.

2.    Messaging app

Chances are you have more than one social media or messaging account. You probably use Google Talk, Facebook and Yahoo. Apps like meebo and imo.im let you consolidate all your messaging and social media chat accounts under one app. All you have to do is log in once to all the accounts you want integrate within the app. You get to turn the accounts on and off and set your status message and invisibility just like any other messaging app. If you have multiple accounts under one service, the apps can support that as well. Just keep in mind that if you change passwords, the app cannot access your account until you enter the new password.

3.    Internet phone

You can still use your iPad as a phone if you have the right app and service. RingCentral lets you download their app for free if you subscribe to a VoIP phone service. The app lets you manage your phone system directly on your iPad. You can also send and receive messages, calls and voice mails from the app as long as you log on to your account and your internet connection is stable enough to handle the audio and video streaming. You can get a pseudo-landline on your iPad if you know where to look and what package to get.

4.    File sharing app

One of the main reasons that you have an iPad is to have a way to view your files. Sometimes, transferring files everyday from your PC or Mac to your tablet is tedious. You should consider using apps like DropBox and SugarSync to store your files in the cloud. This way, you can just download or update your files through the app without having to download every file at home.  Both services offer a few gigabytes of space for free, and if you feel that you need more space, you can always purchase more from the service providers. You can still edit the files as long as you find an app that can read the files downloaded from DropBox.

5.    Battery care app

It’s very important that you get an app that can care for your iPad. Knowing the right time and method to charge your device is crucial to maintaining it for prolonged use. Make sure you get a battery monitoring app so you know the correct charging habit.