Introduction to SEO

For someone new to the World Wide Web, it may be difficult to understand most of its aspects. Perhaps, this confusion comes with many questions.

“How can it provide thousands of results to a single word or a particular phrase typed in the box?”

“Where do all the details it holds come from?”

“What is the purpose of a website?”

These queries can go on forever and finding the answers can take long given that one day is not enough to gain considerable knowledge, especially for a beginner.

It Pays to Know

But why learn when you can simply do fun activities online such as stream videos on YouTube, comment on a friend’s Wall post on Facebook, or play games?

The reason is that it pays to have an answer ready whenever you come across an unfamiliar topic. Additionally, you can apply your newfound learning, especially when you decide to create a website.

In that case, you also have to gain insight about SEO, which is vital for your site’s success.

What is that again?

Since this subject is behind several Web activities, let us have a basic look into it.


SEO: General Definition

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) involves dynamic strategies carried out to optimise a site and boost its traffic (refers to the visitors). If the campaign is effective, the website or its webpage ranks high in search engines (e.g. Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.).

Let us say that you want to find information on “spring dress ideas”, so you type the phrase in Google’s search box.
















And, you come up with these results (or, that is, the top four).

Why show you this image? So, we can tackle the next part, which is…


The Importance of SEO

So, you have a website with images and good colour background. However, you leave it at that. Surely, no one will know that you exist online if you do not go beyond these aspects.

This is where optimisation comes in. Since you want other people to check out your site, make sure that you work for it. To do this, you have to support your photos with short descriptions that contain relevant words. Assuming that you are offering information about spring dresses too, you can use terms like “spring dresses”, “spring fashion”, and “spring fashion trends”. Furthermore, write articles around the theme and incorporate these phrases.

Now, these ideas only constitute a small part of SEO. However, they can give you a good start because you can slowly work your way up to first page. When you finally get to the top and traffic begins pouring in, you can obtain the following advantages:

  • Visibility
  • Exposure
  • Credibility (especially if some of the readers recommend you to the other users)
  • Revenue (that is, if you are generating income through your site)

Search Engines and Optimisation

After reading the insights above, you are probably wondering why Google, Bing, or Yahoo cannot find your website if you do not use SEO?

Well, most search engines are constantly enhancing their technology. This way, they can scour the Web deeply and provide the users with relevant results. Then again, there is a limitation to what they can trawl despite their advanced processes. Because of this drawback, they are not capable of spotting some Web pages, especially if these pages lack optimisation.

Target Audience and Your SEO Strategy

Now, you have to know that search engine optimisation is not all about what search engines want. Just think about it, your content may land in the first page for highly optimised keywords but if you cannot offer the people with relevant and interesting information, they will not bother returning to your website.

With that said, you must always consider their preferences. Furthermore, you must grasp how they use particular keywords and conduct queries. This way, you can reach out to them effectively and earn their trust over time.


So, do you still think that SEO is difficult? Hmm, it may be tough to work around the right tactics at first. But as you keep on developing and modifying your techniques based on your accomplishments, it will not be as hard as the first time. Of course, you must keep on honing your knowledge about it too.


About the Author: Emma Tomlinson is the Head of Retail at Smart Traffic, an SEO services company that offers services to many countries across the globe. If you want to read my other articles to check out more optimisation ideas, you can browse through the SEO Blog on Smart Traffic’s official website.