Internet Outages Consequences: Prevention Measures

When the internet connection is down in your company, what do you do? Can you still work completely normally as if nothing happened? Well, like the majority of businesses across the world, your activities probably stop when there you can’t connect to the Internet, right? In today’s digitally connected world, everything will require internet access. 

In most cases, us depending on the Internet is a great thing as it simplifies and speeds up most of the things in our everyday life, however, when internet outage occurs, we see the bad side of it. If everything we do is connecting to the Internet, not having access to it will surely have some consequences for us, especially in the business world.

That’s why many businesses have started working on their backup plans in case of an internet outage. How can you prepare for the internet outage? Is it possible to prepare for something unpredictable as this? 

Cause of Internet Outage

Do you know what can be the cause of internet outage? We all fear of this event, but not too many of us actually know how it happens. After all, it’s impossible to prevent something if you don’t know how it started in the first place. Numerous things can lead to internet outages and, unfortunately, many of them are out of your control. Some of the most common causes of internet outage are hardware issues, configuration issues, line issues, network congestion on your ISP side, natural disasters, network infrastructure attacks, hacker attacks and vandalism.

When talking about natural disasters, events such as floods, hurricanes and tornados, they can affect a large area which will lose its Internet connection, among other things. All of these things can’t be predicted and we can’t even estimate the damage one of these events could cause to business as there are plenty of factors that need to be considered. 

Solving an Internet Outage

The first thing you need to do it is to ensure the issue isn’t on your own network as sometimes that actually is the case. People will assume that any loss of the Internet connection is actually an internet outage when a lot of times you simply need to check your cables and turn off and then back on your router. 

If you’ve tried that and you still are unable to connect to the Internet, you should follow these steps and try to detect what the issue is. If you already rebooted your router and firewall, use a tool that can help you see if the problem is on your side or not. There are plenty of free online test tools that can do that for you in just a few seconds. Then, run a ping command and if it gets past your router, then the problem is probably in your internet service provider. 

Try to use a traceroute to detect where the packets are actually running into a problem. If you run it and you notice that these packets are being dropped, it could be that your provider has a congested network. The best thing to do here is to contact your internet service provider. Also, the problem might be in the regional or national backbone. If that’s the case, you will need to find an internet outage heatmap to see how well backbones are performing across your country. 

Preventing an Internet Outage

Knowing how serious the consequences are when an internet outage occurs, you don’t have to wait for it to happen to do something about it. If you want to truly prevent an internet outage, you will need to get a backup internet connection

When planning to get a backup internet connection, there are a few things that you should know. Throughput doesn’t need to have the equivalent of your primary connection. When talking about the costs, estimate all your expenses and better invest right away in quality solution then later losing money due to a bad choice. Also, your router or firewall needs to support multiple external connections to ensure the back and forth from primary to secondary is easy and swift. 


Internet outage is something everyone wishes to avoid, from home users to businesses. However, they happen pretty often and they can happen to anyone. The best thing you can do is to make sure you’ve followed all of our prevention tips and invested in your backup plan. Neglecting the possibility of this happening to you will not keep you protected it from it. Unfortunately, it will probably do the opposite!