Installing Active X in Browsers is as Easy as 1-2-3

Boman Rustom IraniConfiguring Active X controls is actually pretty straightforward if you know the steps. The process varies among browsers, but these step by step methods will serve as your guide.


Installing the Controls in Internet Explorer


If you have Internet Explorer in your computer, Active X is already installed. But you can configure it.


Step 1


Launch Internet Explorer and go to the “Internet Options” sub-menu. This is under Tools.


Step 2


Select “Security” and choose the Internet Zone that meets your required security level.


Step 3


Pick the zone from the “Security Tab”. Click the “Custom Level” option.


Step 4


Keep scrolling until you see “Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins”. Choose “Administrator Approved” from the options.


Step 5


Repeat the previous step for enabling other controls.


Step 6


Close Internet Explorer and restart.


Installing the Controls in Firefox


There is no native support for Active X on Firefox. But plugins are available. Check the different versions of Firefox to see which offers the best support.


Step 1


Go online and download a plugin that works with the Active X control you want to use.


Step 2


Open Firefox. If you haven’t done so, download the required plugin. Click yes if asked to allow the download. Click “install now” and follow the instructions.


Step 3


Go to the Tools menu. After clicking “Add Ons”, choose “Extensions”. This will appear in a pop up window.


Step 4


Look for the plugin in the window. Look for the Enable button and click it. Restart Firefox, and the plugin should work now.


Installing the Controls in Google Chrome


To enable these controls in Chrome, you need to install the IE Tab extension. This will simulate Internet Explorer controls and functionality.


Step 1


Launch Google Chrome and go to the page of IE Tab extension. You need to be online.


Step 2


Click the “Add to Chrome” button. The download process will begin. Click Install.


Step 3


When the installation is complete, the IE Tab will be visible adjacent to the address bar.


Step 4


Clicking the IE Tab will bring up a new window. Go to a website that uses Active X controls. Click yes when the dialog box pops up. The protocol will now run.


Installing the Controls in Opera


Step 1


Opera does not natively support Active X but there is a plugin called Neptune that you can use. Go to Neptune’s website and download the program.


Step 2


Save the file download and close Opera.


Step 3


Double click the file you downloaded and install it. Follow all the instructions.


Step 4


Launch Opera. Go to “ActiveX and VBScript Support in Opera” at Resources. Double click the “View in IE” link. This button will appear on the Opera toolbar. Just click this button if you want to go to a website with these controls.




Before configuring Active X controls, it helps to know just what they are for. They are basically programming code used for making computer applications. These programs can be run in web browsers. There are many kinds of controls, including viewing files, animation and data collection.


Remember that web browsers are being continuously updated. This means the installation process may vary. The level of support provided may change over time. Also, the controls are subject to change too. You should remain updated to avoid mistakes and problems.


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