Information about Visibility

What is SEO visibility?
SEO Visibility indicates how ‘visible’ a website is according to Google. This means, the frequency and manner in which this domain appears in search results. Searchmetrics determines SEO Visibility by sorting through millions of keywords from Google’s index. The most important factor is the number of search terms for which a particular site appears in search results, taken and weighed against the number of search queries for these keywords and their placings.

For example, an online shop that appears in the top rankings for many products and brand names that are frequently searched for by users is very ‘visible’ according to Google – many users will see this domain. On the other hand, a company that offers specific solutions or services for other companies would normally rank with fewer search terms that are also searched for less frequently and would, therefore, be less ‘visible’.

In addition, growth over time and comparisons against direct competitors factor highly in the calculation of this metric.

Organic search visibility of selected domain

SEO Visibility is composed of search volume and the position of ranking keywords. Each position is individually measured by a calculated factor from Searchmetrics. Also, the SEO Visibility factors in whether the ranking keywords are navigational or informational.

What does SEO Visibility show us?

SEO Visibility presents the current trend and historical development of a domain’s visibility in search engines. The index reflects how often a website shows up in the search results. While SEO Visibility can relate to a website’s real traffic, it is important to remember that traffic can come from many different places online. Therefore SEO Visibility is only an indicator of visibility that comes from a website’s organic search channel. SEO Visibility makes it possible to compare the performance of different domains in search engines. Because of the historical data, problems as well as positive changes can be identified. Comparing the SEO Visibility of thematically similar websites or competitors will provide the most value as developments of the market environment will be factored in and market trends easily identified.


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