INFOGRAPH: The right wearable tech to monitor fitness!



Growing health awareness has created a demand of wearable tech to efficiently monitor the body vitals from pulse and heart rate to body temperature and calorie consumption in both resting and working conditions.

Fitness trackers and Smart Watches to GPS sports watches are three wearable fitness gadgets staging well in the market. Let’s take a look on all three to pick the most suitable for you.

Fitness bands/trackers and activity trackers, as they don’t have screens; they don’t display time. With built-in accelerometers these devices efficiently track a wide range of health related metrics of an individual like heart rate, total distance covered and calories burned during physical activities. Fitbit Charge HR, Garmin Vivosmart HR, Microsoft Band 2 are the few top manufacturers.

SmartWatches lack tracking functionality making them unsuitable for health freaks. However, brands like Motorola Moto 360, LG G and Samsung Gear Fit have started incorporating features like fitness bands to help monitor the heart rate.

GPS Sports Watches can also serve as health watches. Built in GPS system supports these devices to work like health tracker. They can efficiently monitor activities like cycling, swimming and golfing.

To respond to the growing interest of people into health and fitness, Tag Heuer is working with Google and Intel to design and develop an Android tech wear, whereas Montblanc watches is next in the run to win the same status!