In-House vs Agency For SEO: Which is Right For Your Business

Difference Between Internet Marketing And SEOOptimizing content for search engines is no easy task. You have to target the right keywords, obtain a certain amount of links going to and from your page and hope that whatever you have produced can become popular on social media sites. With so much on the line, who should you trust to head your SEO initiatives? Should you go trust someone within your company or outsource the task to an outside firm?

The Case For Staying Within The Company

An outsider is not going to fully understand what the company is going for when it creates a piece of content. An employee who has worked for your company for several years now will understand the values of the company and what the target customer wants to hear. Additionally, the content will have a personalized feel to it because those who work for the company want to do their best to ensure that the customer makes a purchase. There is more on the line for an employee or owner who is putting his or her reputation on the line each time something is published under the company name. When employees feel empowered to help the company succeed, their morale improves and their production improves as well.

Using Your Own People Saves Money

If you are running a small company, you don’t necessarily have a lot of money to spend on content creation. Therefore, it will be cheaper and easier to have your own people write blog posts or schedule social media updates even if those updates aren’t of the highest quality. The good news is that your customers will understand that you are a new company that is trying hard to communicate with customers. As long as the product or service being offered is a quality one, you could get away with not paying a lot for SEO services.

The Case For Outsourcing

Many people these days don’t have the skills necessary to write a concise article, blog post or press release. In the business world, you don’t have the luxury of speaking from the heart if those words don’t convey the right message to your customers. A professional search engine optimisation Perth copywriter will have the skills and experience necessary to craft a document that will benefit the company both today and in the long run. One final important benefit to hiring a professional SEO copywriter is that your content will appear natural and not stuffed with keywords. Keyword stuffed content is hard to read and will be shoved farther down the search results by the search engines.

Use A Local Service If At All Possible

If your company is based in Perth, you should use a search engine optimisation Perth company to write your content for you. This is because you don’t want an American writing content using American colloquialisms that your Australian readers won’t understand. In some cases, a foreign writer may not even know where you are located or have heard of the company he or she is writing about. When you hire a local writer to create your content, it helps create content that feels more like the company write it themselves.

Is it better to use your own employees to create content for SEO purposes? In some cases, the answer may be yes. However, you have a better chance of getting quality SEO content that is targeted to your customers by hiring a search engine optimisation Perth company. Although it will most likely cost more, the return on your investment can be well worth the money that you are shelling out for professional content creation.

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