Improve Your Company Blog: Four Areas of Performance

An effective online marketing strategy is essential for the profitable operation of a small business. At the centre of this strategy should be your company blog, a cost effective marketing tool with the potential for great return on investment. However, if you are not seeing the results you expected from your company blog there could be a number of reasons why it is not performing.

Content is Key

For any company blog, content is the main component that will determine whether online users return to your site or not. For many businesses, the company blog is a platform that broadcasts the CEO’s thoughts, company objectives and industry news, or highlights information about the company’s products and services. Whatever the theme of your company blog, make sure it is consistent and relevant. If you are unsure of what to write, research competitor sites for company blog examples. The content itself needs to be kept fresh and up to date at all times, otherwise the information will be useless to audiences and won’t be ranked highly by search engines. When writing good content, always keep in mind that you are trying to sell your company and represent it in a good light. Finally, the company blog must follow SEO principles.

Use Media Rich Content

Unfortunately, no matter how good an article is, your company blog needs to entice visitors to read further. Good content needs to be supported by interesting and relevant images and videos that will draw the interest of visitors. Stats and graphs are also effective in capturing the visitor’s attention. Always avoid posting long paragraphs of copy with no break, as solid content on the computer screen is intimidating, uninteresting and visually unappealing.

Use Social Media Channels

If you want your company blog message to reach as vast an audience as possible, use social media channels to broadcast your articles. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are a great place to start. Just remember that your online presence won’t grow organically; you have to be active on these networks in order to gain friends, fans or contacts.

Engage with Audiences

Your company blog should allow for two way conversations. Encourage readers to leave comments and make sure that you respond to any online queries on your company blog. This will help you build a relationship with current or potential customers and will also give visitors the impression that you have time for individuals. Also try to engage your customers. A simple and effective way of doing this is to include a poll at the end of your company blog post; everyone enjoys having their voice heard.


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