HTC One X- HTC’s first ever Smartphone to run an Ice cream sandwich OS

imagesHTC has released the much awaited HTC one X in the beginning of year 2012. HTC one X is the first ice cream sandwich powered Smartphone from HTC packed with high speed browsing, HD image quality and exceptional gaming experience, all powered up by a quad core processor. Designed to a small elegant design with high end camera that never misses a shot, HTC one X is undoubtedly the new sensation in town. To get you more familiar with the juicy details about the device, we have come up with hands on review of HTC one X.

1. Display

HD display is the essence of the device. It features a super clear 4.7 inch LCD touch screen with a screen resolution of 1280 by 720 pixels. The screen enables the user to view things crisp and clear. The display screen boasts lush colors delivering high definition clear images. Videos can be viewed in HD quality on websites via Wi-Fi connectivity. With HTC one X, HTC appears to kick out Apple’s new iPad display.

2. Camera

The high end camera is one of the assets of HTC ONE X. with its 8 mega pixel camera; HTC One X can capture HD images on the go. The camera is complimented by an image chip that gears up the processing speed of the camera. The image chip makes the HTC One X camera to capture the finest images of HD quality a smart phone can produce. HTC One X is taking digital photography on a new level. the HTC One X camera rivals the biggest leagues including Apple and Samsung.

3. Software

 HTC One X has Android 4.0 Ice cream sandwich which makes the device to function quick and smoothly.

4. Sound

HTC One X has Dre-audio for sound playing. The sound volume, throw and pitch are above the perfect level, and audio player plays the beats well enough. Music and sound on HTC One X is played to the maximum of volume with no comprise on the quality of the audio. HTC One X is a perfect replacement for iPods, MPS’s and radios.

 5. Speed

HTC One X is powered by a tegra quad core processor which enables the handset to function quickly when commands come by tapping on to the touch screen. There is no pause in the processing of commands at any time on HTC One X. HTC One X is the device for you if you are seeking for a smart phone that process functions in blink of an eye.


HTC One is a smart device running on a tegra quad core processor with 4.0 Android ice cream sandwich which makes the device to function efficiently at a rapid rate. There is no issue with HTC one X despite some connectivity issues of Wi-Fi which HTC officials have announced to eliminate very soon. The device excellent photography skills, loud sound, and clear HD display are the specs that makes HTC One X stand out among other similar smart phones in the market.

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