HTC One V – The Best Value Android Budget Phone Ever

Recently absent from the UK market, HTC has finally released the HTC One V for consumers in search of high quality yet cheap Android phones.  Priced at a modest £179.00 (according to, the HTC One V can be purchased for a very reasonable price – especially considering that the phone comes pre-loaded with Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich.  The first thing users will notice when checking out the new HTC is the return of the chin at the base of the phone, however HTC has updated the handset to reflect the qualities users look for when shopping for smart phones.


Eye-catching Design

Available in three colour options (black, grey, or brown), the HTV One V is comprised of both metal and rubberized plastic.  The handset weighs in at a modest 115g and is a relatively sleek 9.2mm thick, a device tailored toward customers who prefer less bulk to their phones.  The trade-off for the lightweight HTC One V is that the screen is merely 3.7in, falling well short of the widescreen displays that have rapidly gained popularity in the smart phone market.  However, be reminded that the iPhone 4S had approximately the same screen dimensions, and seemed to sell just fine.  Despite its small stature, the One V comes with a 480X800 pixel resolution, which is reportedly quite sharp, holding true to HTC’s reputation for clear, crisp screens.

The blend of rubberized plastic is a thoughtful touch by HTC designers, as the patches of plastic are strategically placed to allow users to grip their device properly while in use.  Located on the top and bottom of the device, the grips complement the remaining metal portions.  One grip (at the base of the phone) removes to reveal a concealed microSD slot for added storage, a thoughtful hiding spot for users who may have an abundance of photos and therefore require additional space.

As for the ever-debatable chin, consumers either love it or hate it.  Some people prefer the lip at the bottom of the phone, citing that it enhances ease of use; however others are more adamant that it’s a bit gimmicky and the design is forced.  Regardless of the chin at the base of the device, the HTV One V is a beautifully sleek handset.

Under the Hatch of a Distinctive, Yet Cheap Android Phone

Pre-loaded with Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich, the HTV One V is a champion when it comes to software capabilities.  Few devices include the newest Android operating system, and consumers who require the most up-to-date bells and whistles will be quite pleased with the HTC One V.  In addition, the smart phone comes with HTC’s latest Android layer: Sense 4.0; an easy to use overlay, Sense 4.0 adds widgets to the home screen, however some of the features are limited on the One V.  Because the HTC One V lacks a front-facing camera, some features such as video chatting and face unlock are absent from the software packaging, but that’s merely one trade-off for a more affordable handset.

Since the HTC One V is operating on a single core 1GHz processor, it is not quite as snappy as many of its dual-core competitors.  Expect to wait around a bit for certain app downloads (some may take upwards of a couple minutes), however general day to day use does not seem to be majorly affected.   Perhaps the one up side to the single-core processor and the slightly smaller screen is the HTC One V’s above average battery life – where most cheap Android phones fall short of expected performance.  If you’re in the market for a phone that will last from dawn to dusk (under average usage circumstances) then the HTC One V is the phone for you.  A smaller screen and less bulky processor allow the phone to chug through an entire day with ease, not a small feat for many larger devices.

The Bells and Whistles

As seen in its predecessors, the HTV One V keeps the same three touch keys below the 3.7in display: back, home, and recent apps.  If held as a long press, the recent apps key doubles as a menu button.  Due to its smaller screen size, users with larger hands may find the touch screen keyboard a bit cramped when compared to phones with larger displays.  The choice to keep a small screen size is a bold move in the midst of a trend to increase screens to tablet sized proportions.

While it lacks the front facing camera lens present in most new devices, the HTC One V has a modest 5 megapixel camera that captures very decent shots.  With an improved auto-focus, developers claim that focusing on subjects will take a fraction of the time, and many consumer reports agree that the camera function is especially snappy.  Staying true to the other One series phones, the One V still comes with Beats Audio technology – although the headphones are not included with the device itself.  With Beats Audio toggled on, the phone puts out incredible sound (for a cell phone) from its rear speaker; without Beats turned on, the sound is flat at best.

Some shoppers may be wary of the limited storage space the HTC One V has to offer – a measly 4GB.  Not to fear, the slot for a microSD card expands this storage by up to 32GB, and purchasing an HTC ONE V qualifies you to receive and offer for 2 years and 25GB of online storage via Dropbox.  Additionally, you can set up your phone to automatically sync to your Dropbox account, a pleasant add-on for users with heightened storage needs.

An All-Around Best Buy

If you’re an avid Android user and have been waiting for HTC’s next release, the HTC One V is an easy choice.  Admittedly there are the shortcomings of the smaller processor and lack of a front facing camera, however the One V’s other features (and modest price) certainly pick up the slack.  If you’re in the market for a more affordable Android smart phone and are looking for the most updated operating systems, the HTC One V is the way to go.

Phil Turner was searching for cheap android phones and managed to find a few great deals. He was helped along by using price comparison websites like uSwitch.

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