How You Can Save Energy with Technology

Save-EnergyOur world requires various forms of energy to sustain and progress. It borrows the energy from different sources like Sun, Wind, Water and fossil fuels like Petrol or Diesel. Some of the energy sources like water and fossil fuels are the scare resources i.e. they may dry up sometime in future. Whereas sun and wind energies are the unlimited and alternative energy sources.

Of late, many organizations and almost all the federal governments of the countries are insisting the citizen to embrace energy conservation methods which can reduce the pressure on scare energy sources. Many researchers are working unabatedly in bringing out new technologies that could be soft on energy consumption and in turn save money for the consumers.

On the other hand, high energy consumptions and the rampant usage of energy guzzling equipments have thrown challenges that are damaging the environment. The emissions from burning the fossil fuels have given rise to Greenhouse effect and global warming. Similarly, the dams constructed for generating hydro-electricity are posing threats to the geographical challenges. The rapid deforestation inflicted by the fast expansion of industries is spoiling the sensitive bio-diversity.

Under these demanding circumstances, energy efficiency has become the parameter for all electrical and electronic goods. Alongside, many techniques are being invented to reduce the energy consumption.

Some of the ways in achieving energy consumption and reducing the load on the energy supply. Following are some of the useful technologies/ideas that could be tried by every individual at home or at workplace.

  1. Using CFL bulbs instead of TFL lights.
  2. Buying Energy Star rated electrical and electronic appliances. These appliances are built with such a technology which saves power.
  3. Controlling the usage of lights at homes and workplaces.
  4. Using eco friendly vehicles like electric cars and two wheelers.
  5. Buying the energy efficient powers adapters and home automation items.
  6. Using Solar energy as an alternative energy source of heating purposes.
  7. Subscribing for those services which use wind energy as their energy source.
  8. Undertaking regular maintenance of the equipments and discarding the old ones in a scientific way.
  9. Switching off the monitors, printers and other gadgets when not in use.
  10. Using public transportation or carpool instead of using own vehicles.
  11. Going paperless is the best idea to cut down the energy costs. Saving the documents in electronic format and taking printouts only when needed is highly recommended.
  12. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle the electrical and electronic components.
  13. Creating green roofs.
  14. Conducting awareness programs, circulating educational materials and sensitizing and encouraging the children to save energy.
  15. Recycling your old electronic goods online. There are some organizations such as Pacebutler Corporation which buys old cell phones and recycles it.

As said above, using the alternative and renewable energy sources like Solar and Wind would be the best technologies in achieving the energy efficiency. Enough researches are going on in these fields and we can expect more robust technologies emerging out from these endeavors. Also, bio-fuels are being looked up as another energy saving technique but there is enough room here for R&D.

All said done, energy efficiency can be achieved by integrating people, processes and technologies.

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