How Will Smartphones Look Like in 10 Years?

Years ago, phone users were very happy and satisfied with their phones’ “advanced” functions like caller ID, call forwarding, call divert, conference calling, and others. Today, phones have gotten smarter and have evolved into powerful tools with applications that can do a wide range of functions. In just a few years, they have become so much more than phones. If the present smartphones are already very intelligent, how will they look like in the future, some 10 years from now? Here are some mind-blowing features that experts say future smartphones may have.future-smartphones-h-650x0

Future smartphones may have the ability to be used in biometric security. You can forget about having to remember various passwords for your different accounts because you can use your smartphone for biometric authentication. The phone’s screen can be manufactured with screen sensors that can recognize your fingerprint. Furthermore, the phone’s front camera can scan your face using a facial recognition program to confirm your identity. Future smartphones can also be integrated with a voice recognition application. Aside from this, your phone can identify your identity by your phone handling patterns or by how you use your phone, as people handle their phones differently and uniquely. All these biometric authentication tools can be used to help you protect your bank accounts, emails, and even social media accounts so you won’t have to keep passwords.

Future smartphones will boast of 3D displays and even 3D web browsers. The bonus is that you will be able to view the images without using special glasses. You will be able to find yourself checking out the merchandise of your favorite store without actually being there. The experience will be similar to playing Xbox games with 3D support minus the glasses. Some smartphones will be able to project 3D images out of the screen as well.

According to experts, some future smartphones won’t even have screens anymore. Going screen-less will lessen the demand for power and extend battery life for much longer. Just how does a phone without a screen look like? It might look very much like those phones in science fiction movies. Smartphones without screens will be activated by voice and touch. With just one tap, you will be connected to a virtual agent who will process the information you need, such as dictating your email messages to you or providing specific directions for a particular location.

Future smartphones will be so smart that they will be able to function as your personal concierge. This ultra intelligent agent will be many times better than Siri; they can be your personal virtual assistant. Your personal concierge can be programmed with a personality of your choosing. It will take note of your preferences and provide only the information that it knows you are interested in.

It will not come as a surprise if the smartphones of the future will double as wallets. This technology will get rid of the need to carry credit cards, which will be replaced by e-wallets. Luckily, using biometric authentication can help keep your e-wallet secure. With mobile wallets, wireless payments will become easier and more convenient. Even now, near-field communication chips or NFC, which enables users to process secure wireless payments, are being developed and integrated into smartphones. A more advanced version of NFC may be used for future smartphones.

Finally, future smartphones will have the ability to link with smart surfaces just by putting them beside each other. The smartphone will be able to connect with voice operated, touch screen devices like desktop computers, allowing you to control the device using your phone. Your ultra intelligent agent can also have access to the device.

These innovations seem too good to be true, but with rapid advances in technology, they are not at all impossible to achieve.