How Virtual PBX Changes the Way You Do Business

One important feature of the virtual PBX that makes it popular among businessmen is its use of business VoIP. This feature allows you and your assistants to receive calls from your customers wherever you are. Since calls from the virtual PBX go through the Internet, you and your assistants can enjoy flexibility when it comes to choosing the location where you wish to work.

The use of virtual PBX has changed the way managers and owners run their businesses. No longer do employees have to stay in the office all day to take calls from customers or to maintain the files and records pertaining to the business. Now, they can choose the place where they can work effectively and efficiently. This adds to their efficiency, not only in answering calls, but also in keeping work in tip-top shape.

Aside from giving you a greater degree of flexibility and assistant efficiency, you don’t need to buy a single piece of equipment to have PBX in your business. Thanks to the Internet, all you have to do is hook up your phones to the company’s PBX. You can then begin reaping the benefits of using the PBX and be able to handle more calls. However, you need an Internet phone for this. If you were still using a landline phone, it would be advisable to subscribe to a business VoIP provider that will give you an analog telephone adapter. This piece of equipment would allow you to use your regular phone in making and receiving calls through the Internet.

With virtual PBX, you don’t need to hire a receptionist to greet customers on the phone, direct their calls to an available phone or one that is specified by the customer. The virtual receptionist takes care of that. Because of this, the customer doesn’t need to wait for several minutes before his or her call is attended to. What the virtual receptionist does is after greeting the customer over the phone, it looks for an available phone where he/she can direct the call. This way, you are able to attend to the needs of your customers immediately, which can add to their degree of satisfaction. You are also certain that they will continue to buy your products and services.

However, there are still some drawbacks that come with the use of virtual PBX. One, you cannot make outgoing calls. This means that you cannot use virtual PBX to make sales calls or find new customers to buy your products or services. You’d have to use a different phone number for you to do this. Also, you can only hook up a limited number of phones to the phone company’s PBX. That’s because there are other clients who are also making use of the phone company’s PBX.

These reasons show how a technological innovation like virtual PBX modernizes the way business is carried out today. Not only that, it also allows businessmen to reap more benefits, such as increase in sales, which results in an increase in revenues or profits. Service packages like the RingCentral business phone can be tested out for free within a limited time so potential clients can experience the benefits of the virtual PBX first-hand.