How to Use R4

Kapil EdkeAn r4 is a type of device that lets one download roms for nintendo Ds. Making it able to download games from the internet such as the PSP owners and listen to music, be able to read e-books, view comics and pictures and also watch movies DS. However one will need to get a micro SD card that does not come with the r4.

To use the r4:

  • Gather all the supplies. If the computer one is using lacks a slot that is meant for a micro SD card, then get the USB adapter that is offered together with the r4.
  • The micro SD card should then be slipped on the USB adapter, which normally comes with the r4 package and insert the Universal Sever Bass adapter on the USB port found in the computer. After this is done, one should go to computer programs and select the My Computer option. Once it opens up, select the option “Removable Disc” and click on it because it is the drive that is in correspondence with the available USB adapter but this varies from one computer to the other.
  • There is a disc that comes along with the R4, this should be removed and then loaded onto the computer. After this has been accomplished, the files that are in the disk should be copied to the Micro SD card.
  • Remove the micro SD card once the file transfer process is complete and then ensure that it is slipped to the bottom part of the R4.
  • The R4 should then be inserted in the DS and then ensure that the DS is turned on. If one has used the R4 in the proper manner there should be no problem with the DS going to the R4screen.
  • One can then use the R4 DS to be able to make downloads for the DS. Files can also be created and then loaded on the DS through the Micro SD card found on the R4.

With the R4 DS successfully installed, software can now be downloaded to the Nintendo DS by the use of this device. Files are able to be dragged and then dropped easily from the computer to the micro SD card that has been included. No extra software will be needed to be downloaded on the DS .The R4 utility is available in the local video shops. R4 comes in handy when downloading games, reading e-books and watching movies.

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