How to Successfully Execute Print Marketing in a Digital World

Most companies now appreciate the importance of digital media in marketing. With the support of CEOs and CIOs, several companies around the world have rolled out successful digital transformations. Since the digital revolution has been embraced by top executives, marketers have been at liberty to experiment with several digital marketing strategies. The result has been a growing list of proven digital marketing strategies that are delivering phenomenal results for companies.

It is almost a foregone conclusion that digital marketing will dominate sales and marketing going forward. What does this reality portend for print marketing? Can print compete? Since digital marketing is here to stay and is bound to grow exponentially as more digital services come to the market, one may ask: does print marketing even need to compete?

Most marketing experts believe that print marketing and digital marketing can coexist. If you looked at digital marketing and print marketing as complimentary marketing channels, you wouldn’t have to worry about an either-or situation. Knowing how to successfully run print marketing campaigns in a digital world can be a big competitive advantage. Print isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Why Print Marketing Is Here to Stay

  • Digital and Print Marketing Are Complementary

Marketers have an obligation to reach their audience wherever they may be. Since print media is going to be around for the foreseeable future, companies are going to continue spending money to reach people who consume print media. Moreover, print media and digital media have an overlapping audience. Tailoring an ad for the greatest impact will depend on several factors and the chosen medium of delivery can be print or digital media or even both.

  • Response Rates for Direct Mail Are Very High

As more businesses embrace digital marketing, web users are constantly interacting with online ads. With time, they develop ad fatigue and don’t even pay attention to the messages a company pushes online. In contrast, print marketing methods such as direct mail are getting increasingly better responses since there aren’t many direct mails being sent by companies in the first place. When you use direct mail, you will be competing for your audience’s attention with just a handful of other entities.

  • Brand Recall and Brand Development

The persuasiveness and the ease of understanding of print media relative to digital media makes print media much more effective in building brand recall. According to a study done for the U.S. Post Office, A brand will have better results building brand loyalty and brand recognition if they use print media than if they use digital media.

  • Hardcopy Marketing Is Great for Building Relationships

If you want to build a stronger relationship with your customers, send them something they can touch. Hardcopy mailings are more personal and elicit more emotions. If you own a membership club, for instance, sending brochures and hardcopy newsletters will get you better results than sending emails.

How to Use Print Marketing Alongside Digital Marketing

You can use both print marketing and digital marketing to drive your marketing campaigns. The two have very unique characteristics that can be leveraged to develop a highly effective integrated marketing strategy. Here are some of the ways you can use print and digital marketing together.

  • Use QR Codes

QR codes help businesses ad URLs to real-world physical objects. They are a great way to run integrated digital and print marketing campaigns. With a QR code on a print material, you can get people to dial your business number, go to your business’ website, direct people to app download pages, view your exact business address, or visit a product page on your ecommerce store.

  • Use Online Marketing to Drive Direct Mail

Online marketing, including social media marketing, can be leveraged to drive direct mail marketing. If you sell travel packages, for instance, you can get people to give you their address online and then use that information to send them beautiful travel brochures through direct mail.

  • Advertise Coupons on Print Media

If you are currently running an online promotion, you can advertise coupons in print media to get more people to participate in your online promotion. The beauty of such an arrangement is that you can track with great accuracy the impact of your print marketing campaign as you will know exactly how many people signed up through the coupon you advertised on print.

  • Use Direct Mail for High-Ticket Customers

Sending your customers stuff through email will lead to stronger relationships than sending them random emails. This is especially true if your customers buy high-ticket goods and services from you such as VIP memberships to a casino website and a high-end online training course. Having a web-based business does not mean that you have to keep all your communications electronic. You can easily set yourself apart by using print to make your communications more personal and heart-felt.

  • List the Addresses to Your Online Properties

Whenever you run a print marketing campaign, don’t forget to list the web platforms where people can find you. You should tell them your website’s URL  and names or addresses of your social media pages.

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