How to Repair Your DVD Player

Kapil EdkeDVD Players have been here for more than a decade. So if you’re among the first ones who brought home a DVD player, you probably got yours at a high price. Even today, if you are one of the first to grab a new model of any electronic gadget, including DVD players, then it probably has cost you a lot.

Of course, who would want to give up that expensive item? That’s why when our DVD player gets broken we want to try to repair it to make the most out of our investment. So perhaps you’re here because you are in dire need to learnhow to repair your DVD player. Let me help you learn how to do DVD player repair by yourself.

DVD players come in different brands and models. For each brand and each model, there are specific methods to be able to repair the DVD player. Thus, I’m going to share with you a generic do-it-yourself DVD player repair that will work for most DVD players. Note however that each DVD player may differ from another so this DVD player repair guide should not be held responsible if damages occur. This repair guide is a risk that you are willing to take. So make sure you think twice before doing it on your own. Of course, it would be best to go to an expert who specializes on DVD players of that brand and model you have.

Most people sometimes think that their DVD players are broken but in reality, it could be that it’s just dirty so it won’t work. Thus, one way to repair your player is to clean the lens. Open up the tray on your player. While it’s out, turn off and unplug the DVD player. Make sure that you are working on a location with something grounded nearby. What’s more is that the integrated circuits and MPEGdecoders are very sensitive to electrostatic discharge so make sure you ground yourself. Don’t work on a carpeted surface. Now, pop the lid from the player and remove all the screws aside. Keep note where the power supply is located and make sure you keep away from it all cost. Now, it’s time to locate the lens. It would be great if you can see the complete lens without moving any piece there. But if you do, you will just need to move the eye to the edge of the track. To do this, make sure you locate the sprocket near the motor. Then gently turn it with your finger. Avoid having to break any piece. Some DVD players would make a crackling noise so just make sure that you don’t break anything.

Once you see the lens, it’s time to clean it up. Acetone is recommended to clean the lens simply because it eats up the oil. However, make sure that you only apply the acetone to the lens or else you might damage the other parts. You can also use alcohol or a lens cleaning fluid if you have one at home. Make use of a cotton bud dipped in the liquid but make sure it’s not dripping. Then clean up the lens. When you’re convinced the lens is clean, put back the parts and hook up your DVD player. Hopefully it works. If it doesn’t, it probably needs to be calibrated which is another article on its own.

Author Bio: Maxx  is a freelance writer and content builder of many Technology sites and he loves to share his experience regarding how to convert wmv to mpeg. Also he like to spend time with his friend Boman Rustom Irani.

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