How to Maximize the Power of Social Media to get Your Dream Job

You know you’ve got what it takes to take on that position, but still having a hard time finding a job? Here are some really simple hacks to help you land that dream job.

Social Media

Not having any luck with getting hired? Check your social media accounts. Surveys show that 92% of employers look up their applicants’ social media account. Oh, and it does not matter if you don’t give them a link to your Facebook page because 73% of them will look you up anyway. Remember, you’ve pretty much handed them personal information which they can use to track you down.

However, before you start giving recruiters links to your Facebook page, make sure you have no pictures that can make you look bad in their eyes. This means no pictures or videos showing aggressive behavior, indecency, and definitely no pictures of illegal stuff.

Social Media’s Big Three: Twitter, Facebook, and… Linkedin?

In a survey conducted among recruiters, 54% of them say they use Twitter to look up possible candidates. What’s more surprising is, 15% of them say they’ve already hired people through this site. Many companies now use Twitter to advertise job openings. Sites such as Twit Job Search and Tweet my Jobs are great for finding job posting on Twitter.

Who you’re following also reveals a lot about yourself, so make sure you have a good mix of industry leaders and innovators on your following list. Aside from making your Twitter look good, these guys Tweet really great stuff that can help you one way or another.

66% of the survey respondents say they use Facebook to find candidates, and the numbers are still growing. Turning your privacy settings to public can help improve your chances of getting seen. It also helps to Like the pages of companies which you want to work for.

Certain features make Facebook a favorite among companies. Facebook ads are among the most effective platform for zeroing in on specific target markets. Anything from promotions to discounts can be directed to a very specific audience, and this includes those who are looking for jobs.

Companies like VoIP service provider Ring Central, Groupon – even Nutella use Facebook to reach out and interact with their markets. Not only will you expose yourself to companies by Liking their page, you also become more familiar with their latest product line or service, and this can prove to be very helpful should you be able to secure an interview.

However, Linkedin is still the most preferred site with 98% of the surveyed recruiters saying they use it to scout for candidates. Primarily designed to help candidates reach recruiters through networking and connections, Linkedin lets users upload a resume complete with work history and job profiles, making them easier to spot.