How to make your ink cartridges last longer?

Printing important documents, your air tickets, and everything that needs to be archived is just a few clicks away these days with super fast and affordable printers becoming routine features of offices and homes. The waste bin baskets under your employees’ cubicles are ample testimony to the fact that your office printers are being user pretty liberally. Of course, the ideal situation is when everyone becomes selective about which documents to be printed, but that is a tough ask. The result is that your ink cartridge gets used up way before you expect it to and you are left staring an expensive new ink cartridge in the face, an expenditure for which you are not ready. This article intends to help you out, by suggesting means using which you can make your ink cartridges last longer. Even if you add few days to the survival period of your ink cartridge, you’d enjoy pretty decent savings over the year. Visit leads the chances for saving. You can compare different brands and products to make sure that you get your choice.


Understand what makes your printer ink cartridges inefficient

Strange as it may sound, you can actually adopt some practices related to printing and printer care that will go a long way in adding few days to the life of your ink cartridge. Those ink cartridges that have built-in printer heads sometimes suffer from a problem. Ink in your printer is also supposed to keep the print head greased. If your printer is not being used regularly, there could be case where ink dries on the head, and thus prevents the ink cartridge from working the way it should. Thankfully, there are some simple techniques that can help you out.

Firstly, you can vow to use your printer at least once every week, so that the machinery stays in action, and ink clogging gets prevented. Then, you can take the ink cartridge out, and keep it on a warm and wet paper towel. Clogs on the printer head will be automatically drawn out by the wet paper towel. With a thoroughly clean printer head, you’ll observe lesser bad prints, which will directly impact the amount of ink you end up using, as repeat print jobs are saved upon. However, if your printer has automatic cleaning cycles, then you do not need to worry about the techniques discussed above, as cleaning will be automatically taken care of by the printer.

Use the ‘draft’ printing option, unless absolutely necessary to go for high ink usage printing options

You have absolutely no idea of how much ink gets wasted because you end up printing unwanted images from web pages, or use ink intensive printing commands. When you select the draft printing mode, only a minimal amount of ink is used per print job, and the effects accumulates over time to provide you long lasting ink cartridges. Using the simple tips and tricks discussed above, you can increase the printing efficiency of your printer, and reduce the number of faulty prints, so that minimal amount of ink is used, and the cartridge lasts for appreciably long times.

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