How to Make Cheap Calls to South Africa?

Telecommunications is considered one of the fastest developing sectors in the economy of South Africa, specifically in the field of fixed-line telephony. South Africa held the 34th position throughout the world in possessing landline connections in the year 2009. Calls made within the country are quite affordable but there are a lot of people who are not aware of the medium that they can use in making cheap calls to South Africa. In the current scenario, more and more people are moving to several countries for earning fame, money and name. People also pay a visit to various countries for watching historical and tourist destinations of those countries. The international events that take place in several countries also entice people from throughout the world. However, the demand for making cheap international calls has greatly increased. Nowadays, it is quite easier for people to make calls to international countries like South Africa but there are huge expenses involved.

Different Mediums of Making Cheap International Calls

There are a number of cheap methods that can be used to make cheap calls to South Africa. Some of the most common methods which are used in the recent times include VoIP cards, access numbers and International mobile phone cards.

International Mobile Phone Cards

Using an international mobile phone card is considered one of the most effective methods of making cheap international calls. These cards are easily available at supermarkets, travel agencies and local shops. They are available in both postpaid and prepaid form. However, people are more bent towards using prepaid cards. This is because prepaid cards are refillable or disposable. The disposable cards can be discarded once they expire or when they do not have any balance. Refillable cards can be recharged as and when required. Use an access number and your mobile phone and you will find your charges getting lowered automatically. In order to call to a single destination like South Africa, you can get hold of cards of varied companies. These cards are available at different price ranges and therefore they possess varied talk time. There are many advantages that can be fetched from the use of international calling cards besides the fact that they help in lowering call charges. These cards help you in getting complete control on call expenses. They give you the flexibility of monitoring call history by way of creating an online account.

VoIp Services

VoIP is another affordable medium that can be used for making cheap calls to South Africa. This is a service that makes use of internet protocol for transferring voice data. The protocol an easily be used for making cheap calls from one PC to another and even from mobile phones and landlines. This is a service that is very popular throughout the UK. There are some companies that have also come up with VoIp cards in postpaid and prepaid forms. The call rates with the use of VoIp are cheaper in comparison to ISD call rates and individuals get the freedom of making unlimited VoIp calls to South Africa.