How to Increase Online Sales and Provide Support via Chatbot System

Consumers online behavior fluctuates consistently, as companies are always making an attempt to fulfill their demands. Online shopping is the trend but due to lack of real time support seekers can find it hard. E-commerce website owners identified this issue and added a convenient live chat support feature. Live chat sales support provides answers that customers seek for thus improving business bottom line.

How Live Chat is beneficial for business bottom-line? 


Online chat system gives consumers instant help. This eliminates the stress of dialing a toll-free number and navigating through a frustrating numeric option maze. According to a survey –

  • 90% consumers find Live Chat helpful.
  • 63% consumers were ready to return to the website offering Live Chat 

Cuts down expenses 

  • The average interaction time and cost reduces because of speeding the resolution process.
  • Chat representatives can handle several chats, simultaneously thus reducing the need of hiring more employees.
  • Less investment is needed to establish technology, infrastructure, and training of chat representatives. 

Sales increases 

Consumers easily connect to online brands that give them access to a sales representative and help them resolve their confusion or doubts. Live chat support helps to evade bounce rates and ensure a full shopping cart, during check out.

Gives an edge 

Live chat sales channel is a cost-effective way of connecting with consumers, who spend significant money shopping online. To gain an edge on competitors, Live Chat is an essential tool for businesses thriving hard to provide good customer service.

Taps customer needs 

When consumers use live chat, the representative ensures that their product will perform as published or they will get discounts as offered. Moreover, the live chat representative can also identify the consumers’ pain points about the related products, while discussing and thus businesses can make improvements, accordingly.

Tips to increase your Live Chat system’s potential 

Live chat can increase business potential only if you execute it properly.

  • Live chat representatives need to be skilled about website navigation and inventory. Train them to enhance their performance and capable to answer consumer queries, rapidly.
  • Determine when visitors use your website. Never assume that local 9 to 5 is perfect for providing chat services. You can cover off hours through outsourcing.
  • Live chat from humans adds warmth to consumers shopping experience, so don’t overdo robotic greetings.
  • Employ people with previous experience of sales rep because they have the skills to lead consumers towards sales and enhance the likelihood of up-selling.
  • Always be prepared for upsurges in chat volume.
  • Provide consumers helpful chat features like font size changes.

Live chat differs from phone calls because all replies need to be concise and to the point. Lengthy paragraphs are inappropriate on live chat. When to raise a question or offer solution or information about extra products is an art.

For social media marketing use Chatbots 

Chatbots are programs built in messaging apps, capable to interact to user’s questions without human help. Online marketers cannot ignore this newly added social media marketing cool called ‘Chatbot’. For example, Kik Messenger has more than 280 million users and amongst them 40% are teenagers.

Instead of visiting the retailer’s site, teens can place orders directly from their Kik app. Thus the impulse to buy increases and customers abandoning shopping carts due to complicated ordering process reduces.

There are many sites that offer Kik resources such as and Kik Blog, both provide insight and guides for Kik users.

When you add chatbots to your social media strategy remember to select a secure platform, include human interaction, set clear goals, and promote your chatbot.

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