How to Get More Followers on Twitter; Effective Social Media Marketing Strategies

Facebook-Twitter-Marketing-300x230Twitter is one of the most successful social media platforms. Twitter allows users to post microblogs to engage or get the attention of their followers. Many small business owners are riding on this feature to reach out to their target market and promote their business.

According to Guy Kawasaki, a Silicon Valley capitalist, Twitter users can be classified into two groups: users who want more followers and users who lie. While his statement was controversial, there is some truth to it. Many people really want to gain more followers on Twitter.

Benefits of Having More Twitter Followers

1.  Gives you more social authority.

2.  More followers can give you more influence on people.

3. More followers mean more potential customers which could lead to increased sales.

10 Steps to Get More Followers on Twitter

If you are a small business owner who likes to get more followers on Twitter, here are ten basic steps that can help you:

1. Use the shortest form of your business or brand name when you sign up.

  • This initial step is very crucial because it is how Twitter users will be able to find you.
  • Choose a name that your customers and other Twitter users can easily recognize and associate with your business.

2. Build a complete profile.

  • It is through your profile that your followers and potential customers will be able to know you.
  •  It would be good to completely fill in your business profile and include photos of your business office as your profile image.
  • You may also use your company logo in place of the photo.
  • It is not recommended to use random pictures or graphics because they will give an impression that your account is a spam.
  • A well-written bio for your account can also help you gain more followers.

3. Tweet well and more often.

  • Followers often check most recent tweets and they can see if you are worth following. If you are, they could also recommend you to their individual followers.
  • Have at least one tweet every day. But to maximize your account, two meaningful tweets a day is better

4. Choose what to tweet.

  • Tweet on a variety of subjects and not just about your business. Talk about interesting facts, the latest news, and other topics that are deemed interesting.
  • Post links to interesting stories, news, or videos.
  • Post multimedia such as photos, videos, or sound clips to make your posts more fun and interesting to follow.

5.  Follow people who are followers of people like you.

  • If you are an online gamer, you could find another online gamer with numerous followers and follow those followers. If it is obvious from your tweets that you are a fanatic of online games, those followers will more likely follow you also.
  • In following, be cautious about following too many people because it may discourage potential followers.

 6. Request people to retweet your posts.

  • By simply adding “please retweet” in your posts when appropriate, it gives you more exposure as people will be spreading your tweet to their followers.

7.  Search for tweets with keywords relevant to your business or interest.

  • Search for tweets that have relevant keywords and reply to those tweets then follow the people who posted them.
  • When replying, make it known to the person that there is something in common between the two of you like the same profession, business, or interest to encourage that person to follow you back.
  • If the content is good, retweet it as it will provide good content for your followers while also establishing a connection with the person who originally tweeted it.

 8. Use hashtags.

  • Hashtags increase the visibility of your tweets and connect you with other people of similar interests.
  • Post tweets based on popular hashtags.

9. Unfollow people who did not follow you back.

  • This is important to avoid reaching the follow limit.
  • The more regular you do this, the easier it will be for you because as you follow more people and gain new followers, cleaning up your list will become more time consuming.

10. Repost your tweets that are most popular.

  • Search which of your tweets has the most number of replies then repost them at least eight hours apart.
  • Reposting your tweet will help people catch up with your updates even if they missed them the first time.

By following these ten easy steps, you will be able to increase the number of your Twitter followers and enjoy its benefits.


Author Bio:

Asher Elran is a practical software engineer and a marketing specialist. CEO at Dynamic Search and founder of Web Ethics. Asher is enthusiastic about all things concern killer content, creative marketing, and CRO.