How to Download YouTube Streaming Videos

Supported Websites?

The beauty of this program is that it support quite a number of websites and these includes the following, YouTube, MegaVideo, Flickr, Dailymotion, Facebook, Google Video, Vimeo, Metacafe, Photobucket, eHow, TED, TwitVid, Ning, Current,,, Break, Tudou

Downloading YouTube Videos sometime can be frustrating if you don’t know how to do it. I have been online for quite some time figuring on how to download some of these videos from YouTube. It has been frustrating for me not having the knowledge of which programs to use and I know very many people are experience this challenge I once experienced. It took me trial and error before I actually cracked the code on YouTube music, videos download.

There are so many programs online that will help download YouTube videos but some are not worth using since you will be wasting your time on programs that do not work at all. A good YouTube download program should give at least four types of file download to choose from with this you will be able to download a quality YouTube file. If you don’t have any program that will give you high quality videos then use the flv2mp3

Procedure YouTube and Other Streaming Video Download

On your web browser type , this will open the browsing window of the program, on the URL button paste the Video URL from YouTube or any other programs, then click download. It takes some time for the video download manager to respond after which the program will give various types of quality download and choose the best type of video and click run if prompted by the program to allow it download the file, Below are type of download quality that you will be required to select one

Download 3GP ‹‹ – Low Quality – 176×144
Download 3GP ‹‹ – Medium Quality – 176×144
Download 3GP ‹‹ – High Quality – 320×240
Download FLV ‹‹ – Low Quality – 400×226
Download FLV ‹‹ – Medium Quality – 640×360
Download FLV ‹‹ – High Quality – 854×480
Download MP4 ‹‹ – High Quality – 480×360

When downloading the files I normally go for these two (Download FLV ‹‹ – High Quality – 854×480
Download MP4 ‹‹ – High Quality – 480×360) to get the best and quality video from these programs. Hope this help a little with video file download from the internet.