How to create a website for your online portfolio?

College students can showcase their skills, projects, potentials, work and experience to prospective employers through online portfolios. They are an ideal way to do so. Online portfolios are perfect way to portray your knowledge and area of interests to your audience whether they are friends, family or strangers. In case of employers, make sure your work stands out amongst all in order to make a place in their heart. It helps you cast the first impression representing your seriousness about the job and is a demonstration of your ability in distinctive fields.

Creating an online portfolio is a little bit technical for first timers. It is difficult to figure out what to include in the portfolio. However, it gets easy with time, practice and experience. There are few generalized rules like keeping your work simple and easy to understand. Focus clearly on the objectives and include your accomplishments and achievements.

Here are easy steps that you need to follow in order to make an outstanding online portfolio:

  1. Preparation

The initial stage is preparation. You need to take all the necessary steps before heading towards your online portfolio. The first thing you need to arrange is a computer and fast Internet connection. Preparation is the creativity you will incorporate in your work. You need to invest at least 2-3 hours to make a quality portfolio. The best thing is that investment is only required in form of time and not money.

  1. Gather samples

Looks matter but that’s not all. Impressive looking portfolio will go in vain if there is no quality content present in it. It is vital to gather all the material that your employers will be interested in. Depending on your qualifications and experiences, gather all the potential showcase materials. For example, you can include update resume, work experience, certificate, diplomas, degrees, relevant coursework, publications, research, presentations, letters of recommendations and a lot more.

Make sure to include visuals of completed projects because everything will be represented in a digital format. Pick and choose the things you include wisely because employers do not have time to go through each and everything.

  1. Choose the online platform

Choosing the website is the next step. There are many platforms like Wix which features online portfolio. Each platform has its own uniqueness in terms of functionality. You need to select a platform which is fast, easy to use, powerful, flexible and responsive. Website bouwen is not an easy task. You need to look to many aspects.

If you are going for Wix then you can choose a variety of templates for your website which will enhance the visual appeal of your online portfolio. It even looks more presentable.

Videos can also be added in your online portfolio which can promote your skills in a better manner. Wix videos can be used to create channels. It is an amazing platform where you can even track your success with detailed stats.

  1. Keep the design simple

Your website needs to be straightforward when designing a portfolio. Content must be the focal point, not the design. Do not make the website too flashy which makes the content inaccessible. Create a visual environment which showcases your work with maximum effectiveness. Stick to one font and remain consistent.

  1. Generate a bio

An about page is important when building a website for online portfolio. It will tell your story in an effective manner. It is not sufficient to list your past jobs. Personalize it accordingly. Here are some ways in which you can compel the employer through an impressive bio:

  • Share your perspective. You must having a different point of view about the industry. Incorporate your perspective in the bio and tell them how creative you are.
  • Tell them how you developed that perspective. What was your early experience?
  • Use external details to demonstrate your connection with the creative world.
  • This is the most important of all. Be approachable. Revolve your story around some personal trivia. Keep your bio as approachable and relatable as possible.

When personalizing a bio, do not only stick to past jobs as mentioned above. Add distinctive elements. Mention awards, include blogs and make it easy to share.

  1. Keep it fresh

This is the final process to a successful online portfolio. Keep in mind that your work is not finished with a portfolio. There is a bit more towards it. Make sure that regular updates are made in order to keep it as fresh and new as possible. Best portfolios are never static. They overcome stagnancy. As you progress, keep infusing it in your portfolio. Make sure additions are made on regular basis. Include all the latest projects and achievement to give it a new look and feel. This is how a killer online portfolio can be achieved.

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