How To Collect Reviews From Your Customers

A very important way to promote your business is to collect reviews from your customers. This is especially when you have satisfactorily delivered a product or service to your customer.   This way, they will be able to give you positive reviews. This is considering that positive reviews are what you should strive to always have and it is better than no review. However, no review is also better than a negative review. When you do not satisfy the order of customers or your customers’ service did a bad job attending to customer complaints, they could leave a bad review for you. This will discourage others from patronizing you. However, it is easy for a satisfied customer to forget leaving a review for you compared to a dissatisfied customer. That is why you must make conscious efforts to collect reviews from your customers, especially satisfied customers.

Reminding your customers to leave reviews for you

When customers make orders from your website, there is always a success page after they place their order. You could easily indicate on the page that you would want them to share their experience using your platform. A lot of customers will be happy to point out that they were happy with their transactions if they were happy, while others will also mention whatever they were not happy about or how you could improve your services to further help them. These reviews will thus, also contribute to helping you serve your subsequent customers better, thereby ensuring that you always get a negative review and they will be no reason for anybody to give you a negative review. It is possible to collect reviews through 2 major platforms as discussed subsequently.

Reviews website

A lot of people love to visit a free customer review website to read reviews and also drop reviews. This is considering that they don’t have to pay anything to drop or read reviews. They know that they will be able to get a balanced view from such websites that will go a long way to influence their decision on buying that product or not. They will be able to read about customer experiences and customer complaints while using the services or products of the same company. This is why when you have a lot of negative reviews on such reviews website, many of your prospective customers will be discouraged from patronizing you. They will look for your competitors with good reviews to patronize.

On your website

It is also possible to receive reviews on your website. However, a lot of prospective customers will not trust the reviews on your website. They know that you can easily rig it, delete negative reviews, leave only positive reviews and add more positive reviews. As a result, they could be skeptical. However, it remains an option for collecting reviews on your website. As opposed to collecting reviews on your website, it might be best to just provide a link to a free customer review website that has reviews from customers about your product.