How to Clean Up Your Social Pages

If you’re a person who has a lot of acquaintances in life, then one thing is sure, you are gifted by having a lot of people who love you. Is this true? Well to be honest, the people around you may not necessarily be your friends whom you attach value. They may be just individuals you liked on your social media subscription but they don’t really have the worth you are looking for. Your social networking site is like a PBX of people who connect toy our as friends and those that you personally chose and confirmed as friends. Now how do you know if a person is really worth your while on social media?


It’s Clean up Time

It’s time to clean up your social media pages. You can start by screening every person you confirmed in your friends list. There are people in society who have a lot of acquaintances on their friendship pages. But not all of them we can call are quality friends. Some of them may be people you met for the first time and because they made such a huge impact in you, you added them to your friendship page. Others are added because they are distant relatives of cousins you’ve never met in your entire life. In some cases you just add friends at random and after having your social page up for several years, you’ll notice that there are names there that you forgot ever existed.

Remove Those You Don’t Know

You may be wondering whom you will remove first. Check and find out if you still know them. Some of the people you choose in your social pages don’t even know you exist. If you ask them a question regarding how your life was when you were together, you’ll be surprised to find out that both of you don’t have anything in common and hardly know each other at all. You’ll even ask yourself if you need to keep them around or just delete them. They can never be considered as treasured friends.

Check Out Group Pages

You may get invited to a special page where the members are your colleagues in a certain high school, university or company. Remember, not all of them are your friends so don’t just add people just because you came from the same school, college, university, organization or even company, Some of them may look familiar to you but you have to recall the moments that you’ve shared in order for you to consider them friends. Most likely, those individuals will have a different way of life and you may not really have similar likes or dislikes. The moment you include them in your friends list, your privacy may be compromised because you’ll be sharing your likes and dislikes with them and you might not enjoy how they’ll comment on them.

Keep Quality over Quantity

What you need in your social media page are quality friends. Choose the ones that you think you can value for a long, long time. They are very hard to find and once you find them, they are really worth keeping. I know that the attention you will give to anyone of them will never be the same. The time you’ll spend with your current friends and those that you shared your younger years will get a different attention from you. You have to learn to treat them differently and at the same time, know that the company they gave you was worth it and you hope it will last for a long time. When you get invited to a gathering, make it special. Spend your valuable time with those friends that you’ve selected for keeps. Making sure that your social media page is worth every person is always a good thing because you know that the information you will share will be appreciated by the few people you really know.

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