How to Build Your Own Mobile App and Make Money off It

How to Make Money from an App

Did you know that approximately 63% of website traffic comes from mobile users?

There’s no wonder why developers try to find out how to make money from an app.

Mobile app industry is a huge business. Its revenue is expected to reach approximately 190 billion dollars by 2020.

But how to build an app and how to make money from apps?

This is a great question and we’ll strive to find out an answer in this article, so stay tuned!

What Apps Are The Most Profitable?

There are two large types of apps – gaming apps and productivity/lifestyle apps.

If you want to make the most money with your app, you might need to develop a gaming app.

Gaming apps are by far the most profitable and they get the most users worldwide. For example, the popular game Fortnite makes close to 2 million dollars a day.

This stream of money comes from app purchases.

You can also develop a non-gaming app and make a lot of money out of it. For example, Netflix is a popular app which generates a huge revenue from multiple platforms.

Set A Goal And Have A Plan

Regardless of the type of app you want to make, it’s important to ask yourself a few questions before starting. For example:

  • What problem should your app solve?
  • What is your audience?
  • Who is your ideal customer?
  • What is your marketing strategy?
  • Will your app be evergreen?
  • What monetization strategy you want to use?

Once you have an answer to these questions, you’ll know much better what type of app to create and how to make it successful.

You might also want to “spy” on your competition and see what they are doing.

There is no shame in learning from your competitors. It is true that many existing apps don’t serve the needs of all the customers out there. You can be the one with a fresh perspective when it comes to the mobile app market.

Finally, decide on which platform you want to create your app.

For example, Android and iOS platforms are the most competitive and the most profitable. You should create an app for one of these platforms or both!

On the other hand, try to stay away from platforms such as Windows Mobile and Blackberry OS. These platforms have fewer and fewer users with each passing year.

How To Make Money From An App – A Brief Guide

Once you have an idea about what solution your app will bring to the table and who are your customers, it’s time to start making your app.

Step 1 – Do Market Research

Doing market research allows you to get more relevant data about your customers.

You can find out demographic information such as your customers’ age range, location, income level, education, etc.

Market research also lets you gain insights into buying trends. This will help you come up with the right solution at the right time to the right customer.

There are multiple websites from where you can gather valuable data such as:

Step 2 – Decide On How To Build The App

There are two main ways you can create your app – using wireframes or by using app builders.

We’ll talk about each of them in greater detail.


A wireframe encompasses the main structure of an app. It is a development process which focuses on the user’s journey through the app and establishes the basic content and functionality.

Think of it as an initial sketch for your app.

Using wireframes is ideal for people who need to develop more complex apps. This is a customized process which involves working with programmers and designers.

You might want to use wireframes if you plan to have a solid app which will be continuously updated along the years.

When creating wireframes, you’re basically putting together a set of buttons, layouts, pages, functions, and elements together. This will give you the initial app experience.

Designers use these wireframes to create user interfaces as well as skins.

The good news is that you don’t need coding experience to use wireframes. You can simply use a few websites which guide your steps along the way.

Once you have created your wireframes, it’s time to take care of the front-end and back-end elements.

The front-end elements refer to what the user will see. This includes buttons, logos, colors, information, content, etc.

The back-end elements refer to the functionality of the app which makes the front-end work. It involves pieces of code, handling requests from the front-end, etc.

App Builder

You can also use an app builder or App Maker to create a mobile application.

App builders are easy to use. In most cases, you’ll drag and drop elements into the builder, creating an app from scratch.

You don’t need any coding experience. You just need to have a rough idea of how your app should work.

App builders use automatic processes to create elements, buttons, functions, etc. Although you don’t get the same level of customization as with using wireframes, app builders are still pretty powerful.

Step 3 – Testing Your App

Once your app is ready, you need to test it thoroughly to discover bugs, errors, and inconsistencies.

Fairly simple apps can be tested relatively quickly and they might have minor bugs. On the other hand, if your app is quite complex, you might want to work with an app testing company.

Complex apps or games can be tested rigorously by teams of experts. Once bugs are found, you can be provided with help in fixing those errors.

The testing process is important because if users find errors or bugs themselves, they’ll think your app is unprofessional.


Hopefully, these three steps provide good insights when it comes to your question on how to make money from an app.

Now it’s up to you to come with an idea and put it into practice. If you need inspiration, check out our article on the most useful apps for the Android platform