How To Bleed Brakes

Eventually, your brakes will begin feeling a little too squishy. You have to get air out of the system, and the way to do that is to bleed the brakes. You can save yourself a lot of hassle by learning how to bleed brake fluid. You can purchase all the items you need for this at the best auto parts store near you. Once you have brake fluid, a clean glass jar, an assistant and either a combination wrench or brake bleeder wrench, depending on what fits the bleeder nozzle in your car.

Locate the Brake Bleeder Screw

You may need to lift your car to locate the bleeder screw. You should lay a blanket underneath your car because you will get dirty. This will tell you what type of wrench would work best. You may need to spray the screw with WD-40 to loosen it.

Place a Hose Over the Bleeder Screw

Once the hose is connected, you can fill the clean jar with brake fluid. Have your friend press down on the brake pedal a few times, alerting you of each time it is depressed. Once your friend has done this several time, you can open the bleeder screw. You should be prepared because brake fluid will quickly squirt out. You will be able to tell if air is in the system because bubbles will appear in the fluid.

Repeat the Process

Before your friend lifts up the brake pedal, you have to tighten the screw. Before your assistant presses down again, get ready to loosen. You will need to repeat these steps several times until you no longer see bubbles in the fluid.

Open the Master Cylinder

After you have successfully bled the brakes, you need to refill the system with brake fluid. Locate the master cylinder and refill up to the “Full” line. If you neglect to do this, then you will soon need to bleed the master cylinder, which is most work you can avoid if you take your time.

Drive Around the Block

After you have added brake fluid to the master cylinder, you should take your car out for a test drive. You should apply the brakes to see if they still feel squishy. If they do, then you will need to continue this process until the brakes feel like normal.

It is important to remember that numerous components make up your brake system. When the brakes still feel off, you may be better off going to a mechanic to see if another component has created the issue. You may need to learn how to replace brake rotors or pads so that you can brake safely every time you are out on the road.

Go to Your Local Auto Shop

You want to have everything you need to bleed your brakes before you get started. Otherwise, your car will be lifted up, and it will be more of a hassle. Purchase everything you need from a reliable auto parts store near you. Feel free to ask a customer service representative if you need any advice on which items would work best for your vehicle.