How to be more productive?

Important business meetings and handling projects, clients and employed is absolutely a mess. Sometimes you forget to either go on meeting or party or bake/cook a meal for your family. In all this, you are to be blamed?! Well, NO. It is your failure to manage things who fail you again and again. You need somebody who can keep you arrange d, organized and well informed about your responsibilities. We do know that saying so is very easy but finding that “somebody” is very very very hard and tough. Hmmm… Telling you a secret; it would not be hard now. Here are some Apps/Webs who can become your bestie in no time:


If you want to know that how much of your working time is actually productive & how many hours do you spend online, Rescue Time is the best. It will do counting for you & keep check that how you spend time while being with your computer and working on it. Just tell it what kinds of tools & websites you think are productive or distracting. At the end of each week, you will get a detail report with productivity score & insights about your online presence. It may appear bit weird to you first, and it may even annoy you – as we all know entering whatever and where-ever we are doing is not as easy as eating chocolate. but soon you will notice that you have started to use less distracting websites & have become more productive by choosing the right.


If you have missed an important business related phone call, there is no need to panic and be tensed of from now on. It can already be in our inbox. Kudos to the developers of the PhoneTag for that. DOWNLOAD it / JOIN it. It converts the voice messages to text format & sends it to your email or phone. Via this, you can not only fastly see a missed phone call but see whole information and all details regarding missed call without listening to any message. Great, is not it? This really increases your productivity scores as well. Another fantastic thing about having your phone calls being converted to text messages is that you also can archive the info & lessen the tension about not remembering the content of the conversation. However, if you want to listen the messages instead (as we know, many people like so), you can. An MP3 file is attached to every text message.


Calendly is the perfect tool for scheduling productive appointments, demos, interviews or meetings. It makes scheduling of events & inviting people more efficient and easier. You will just have to set your availability preferences in it, and it will send invites to other people & they will choose a time that is convenient for them. Super easy, is not it?


Suppose you have to work on some very necessary file instead of working on it, you start tweeting or uploading pics on Insta. Um…. You will end up listening lots of bashing of your boss next day. Well… For that is Self Control. It blocks distracting websites or mail servers for a period of time which you yourself gave specified. Plus, the important thing, you will not be able to access blocked sites even if your computer is restarted or even if the application is deleted by you.

Between to self control yourself, you need motivation. For that, personally our favourite is . And as we humans are superstitious, if you are fearing virus, visit . It is the best.

5):- Consumer Essentials:-

If you have an important meeting and at the same time you have to buy a juicer, what you will do?! Will you just go on shop and say give that yellow coloured juicer? How wrong would be that. But no worries. Consumer Essentials is there to help you. Just visit the web and you will find not just the 10 best juicer but the 10 best of every niche.

So be productive & download/join these apps/webs. 🙂

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