How to Avoid Twitter Abuse

Ttwitter-abusewitter can be a very powerful business tool regardless of its 140-character limit but it can prove to be more of a bane than a boon if you do not use it properly. Here are some tips on what to do to prevent Twitter from being a wasted social media resource.

  • Always make sure your actual tweet takes up more room than your hashtags. Having a lot of hashtags may seem like the right thing to do to cover all spectrums but it really makes your tweets look juvenile and redundant. It has gotten to be such a problem that HadleighRoberts has created a Twibbon for the end of hashtag abuse.
  • Be consistent with your Twitter presence. Do not be active only when there is a need for you to promote something because your followers will see the dates of your posted tweets and will find it strange that your activity is spaced out between odd intervals.
  • Do not take your followers for fools and make sure to exhibit honesty and integrity with your posts. There are some shameless tweeters that link followers to a certain page but say something entirely unrelated to it. This is behavior that a lot of Twitter users despise and can easily make them click on the unfollow button.
  • Everything should be in moderation, including tweets. It is perfectly fine to promote your business through Twitter but make sure it is not all you do. You are supposed to be interacting with followers and by publishing tweets that contain nothing but promotion, you are going to be seen as someone to be unfollowed.
  • Giving yourself a high five is the physical equivalent of retweeting yourself. If you post content that is of good quality, you no longer have to give yourself that pat on the back if others will do it for you. Also, it makes you look like you are talking to yourself.
  • Make your posts professional yet personal. People will notice if the tweets are generic and rehearsed. If you are the one running your company’s Twitter account, insert a part of your personality in your posts. This will make followers get a better sense of the company because there is a human aspect they can relate to.
  • Make your tweets unique. This does not just mean that you have to distinguish yourself from the hundreds of millions of tweets that are sent out daily but you must also make sure that your next tweet will be somewhat different from your last.
  • Steer clear of the generics. If you are using Twitter for business, use it for business. Do not use it as a channel for banal conversation. Asking people what they had for lunch, unless you are in the food business, is entirely irrelevant and unnecessary.
  • Take some time to plan out your tweets in terms of length, without compromising the content. You may think that you should make the best out of the limited 140 characters Twitter allows you but this is not the case. Make sure you leave the room for your followers to retweet you or quote you, while adding a short comment of their own.

While these tips may not earn you thousands of followers overnight, it may help you to keep your present followers. If you keep posting good content, you are sure to get more and more followers.  How can twitter be useful to businesses and large institutions? To learn more go to