How No Monthly Fee GPS Trackers Work

GPS Tracking Device Without Subscription

The GPS tracking market is currently a multi-billion dollar industry that is growing every single year. The reason is that as mobile technologies become more ubiquitous people are truly seeing the benefits of what GPS tracking can provide. Whether it is a concerned mother wanting to monitor how fast her teenage daughter is driving the family car, or Fortune 500 business seeking to enhance vehicle fleet efficiency, GPS tracking devices can provide an answer. However, as both consumers and businesses begin researching the benefits and costs associated with GPS vehicle tracking they will undoubtedly learn that all real-time GPS tracking devices require a monthly fee. Monthly fees for GPS tracking devices are the cost of transmitting data over cellular networks, but what options are there for people who want to track a car without paying a monthly fee? The answer comes in the form of a device known as a GPS data logger.

What Is A GPS Data Logger

GPS data loggers are classified as passive GPS solutions because they do not actively report location-based information. Instead, a GPS data logger acquires satellite signals, recording information such as vehicle RV navigation system, orientation, altitude, arrival/departure addresses, and more. All of these detailed locational data is stored upon the internal memory of the GPS data logger. When a person or business wants to review all of the travel history recorded to internal memory they simply need to connect the GPS data logger to a computer using a USB or Bluetooth connection and being downloading. Since the user is manually removing the tracking device from the vehicle and downloading to a computer there are no monthly subscription fees. However, GPS data loggers also offer other benefits compared to their real-time GPS counterparts:

  • Faster Updating (second-by-second)
  • International Usage (work anywhere in the world)
  • Longer Battery Life on Average

No Monthly Fee GPSTracker Cost

GPS data loggers are a one-time hardware purchase that includes online tracking software for users to review historical driving activity. The average cost for a no monthly fee GPS tracker is approximately $169 with the higher-end devices costing closer to $199.

How Easy Are GPS Data Loggers To Use?

What makes GPS data loggers popular is that they have no monthly fees, but they are also super easy to use. Basically, using a GPS data logger only requires 3 simple steps:

  1. Place GPS tracker insider outside of an automobile
  2. Let GPS record driving activity
  3. Remove GPS tracker to download and view where a driver has been

Shortcomings Of GPS Data Loggers

The clear benefit of investing in a GPS data logger to track a car is that the device has no monthly subscription fees, but no monthly fee GPS trackers also have some shortcomings people should aware of before purchase. One of those shortcomings is that if a GPS data logger is equipped to a vehicle and that vehicle is stolen it is tough luck. Unfortunately, GPS data loggers have zero ability to provide real time updates so they provide zero help when it comes to auto-theft security. Along with not being able to provide real time updates on vehicle location in an auto-theft situation, GPS data loggers can not provide instant speed alerts, geo-fence alerts or low battery-life alerts.

Best GPS Tracker For Car

Real-Time GPS vs. GPS Data Logger

There are benefits and shortcomings when using both real-time GPS trackers and GPS data loggers, but what type of tracking device is the best? The answer really depends on what the needs of the user are. This is because a small business suspecting an employee is misusing a company vehicle might find a no monthly fee GPS tracker is more than good enough to meet their needs. Whereas a classic car collector would most certainly require a live GPS tracker in case their Lincoln Continental was ever stolen. Therefore, the best car GPS tracker depends on the needs of the individual user.

No monthly fee GPS trackers are a great tool for businesses or consumers who want to track a vehicle but want to avoid the cost of a subscription. The technology used to power GPS data loggers is accurate, detailed, and perfect for anyone looking to know where their mobile assets have been.

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