How Do I Activate Windows 10? Step by Step Guide

Windows 10 is Microsoft’s latest operating system. One by one it has been adding more and more users thanks to being a light, functional. Above all, it is a safe operating system. Thanks to its cumulative updates. Windows 10 needs an activation process to get user access. Here, we’ll guide you step by step how do I activate windows 10?

How do I activate windows 10?

If you have not activated Windows, you can activate with the key once you have control over the desktop of our Windows. To start the procedure, follow the step by step guide.

First step: you must open the operating system’s Configuration menu and, from there, move to the section ” Update and Security> Activation.” If you have the Windows 10 key, when you start installing the system, the wizard will ask us to make sure that our Windows is original. When the installation is finished, automatically connect to the Internet to leave it fully activated.

In case that just at the time of installation you do not have the license at hand. Then you can postpone the activation of the system until the installation finishes.

Activate windows with cmd prompt

First of all, what we have to do is open a CMD window (command line)run as administrator.

Press win key with R and type ” cmd”. After that, you will see an icon of a black window called “System symbol” like the one in the next photo. Right-click and choose on “execute as administrator.”

Once inside, you have to copy and paste the following command followed by the activation key (without the quotes): “slmgr / ipk”

Once the command is copied, hit enter and the command line will appear again in the window:

Now paste and execute this command:

slmgr / skms

And this time you will get a popup window with a notification like the one seen in the following image:

What we have left is to execute this last command. It will leave your copy of windows 10 activated:

slmgr / ato

Once you execute this command and after a few seconds. It will show you a window announcing that your Windows 10 has been activated correctly:

How to know if windows activated correctly?

To verify that Windows has been activated, you can access the system properties. Open the start menu and go to

Control Panel \ System and Security \ System

If everything has gone correctly you can see that your Windows has been activated as in the following image:


I prefer this method than the typical methods with programs since I am only introducing the system’s commands, and I control what I’m doing. Unlike the activators, theoretically activate windows but who knows if they do not do something else. We remind you that even if a great variety of tools circulate through the network to avoid going through the box, it is not advisable to use them.