How Can I Get Quality Back Link

link-buildingHow to build a quality back link that takes your website to the top of google search engine? This is a question that arises to the minds of every individual who creates his website. This is no more a secret, there are a lot of ways that you can use easily and for free to make a quality backlink. Some of the backlinks come naturally whereas others you have to build.


The natural ways of getting backlink is that your page is good and people automatically start liking it. If your publishing is so effective and of great quality it will definitely make people share your content and thus you will be ranked higher for many keywords. But this way is not very reliable way so we have to attempt other ways of getting quality backlink.


There are a few acceptable and famous ways of link building the most reliable is to get listed in directories. RSS is the directory which help people to find and explore different websites and blogs so if you submit your website to this directory you will get a quick backlink.


Second reliable way is posting in different forums. Especially if the forum is famous and reputable then the quality backlink is assured.


Article submission is another way but because article writing and submission needs more effort and time the forum posting method is preferable. but even then the article submission method is quite reliable and effective and most liked too.


News announcement or press release is also a method that can build backlinks that are reliable and speedy especially if handled properly. A press release that is catchy and professionally written will definitely bring you many backlinks through visitors. but the irony is that news release can only be done when there is really a news or announcement worth it.


Another method to get backlinks is to get affiliation with another website. These programs are also an effective way to catch more and more visitors but this seems to be an expensive way as the commission given for linking is high.


Another successful method is to write testimonials for those services and the products that you have used, its a good opportunity that must be tried for sure. If your testimonial is a good one and genuine and it gets selected its a big advantage for you in building the backlinks.


Social bookmarking is another way of building backlinks. The best site to be used is this will help bookmark your website address to 25 different social bookmarking websites and that too for free.

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