Here’s How I Use My Hot Tub During UK Winters

Last summer, I convinced my husband to buy us an inflatable hot tub for our back garden here in the UK. Of course, using it during the summer was simple enough because I could turn off the heating element and use it as a swimming pool on the hottest days, and still turn it on for use as a hot tub when I needed. But to justify buying it, my husband insisted that we would need to be able to use the spa all year round. After lots of research, here is how I was able to use the hot tub during the entire winter season. 

Insulation: Energy Saving And Winterizing

There are so many options for inflatable hot tubs these days, at first I thought it would be wise to search for the best inflatable hot tub for winter UK stores were offering. Soon, I realized that the main difference between models that were advertising year-round use was insulation. So, I opted for the hot tub I liked and just added my own insulation. UK winters are not that extreme, so I knew I was well within the manufacturer’s recommendations – which state that ambient temperature should stay below -40⁰C. 

The most important insulation was under the inflatable hot tub. While most spas came with a floor protector to keep the ground below the hot tub from any heat damage, those that boasted working during the winter added a layer of insulation. So, I went ahead and bought my own insulating pads and placed them below the hot tub before installing it. This not only allows the hot tub to function better during the winter, but it can help save on your energy costs. The idea is that the insulation will stop heat loss from the hot tub to the ground (which would then need to be replaced by the heating unit). 

For Particularly Cold Nights: A Portable Hot Tub Heater

If I felt that the temperature was during significantly and I wanted to use the hot tub, I added a portable hot tub heater. This is a small device that can be plugged in to an electrical source (some models run on butane) to heat up any body of water. This portable device came in handy because it helps out the heating element in my hot tub allowing it to work more efficiently and heat up the water much faster. I found the device on amazon, and it was relatively cheap.


Using these two tricks I was able to survive the entire winter here in the UK without ever having the hot tub fail to function fully. In fact, I think I used my inflatable spa more during the winter. It helped me relax my muscles after my home workouts, and unwind after a long day. Some days, I used the hot tub twice. Overall, I don’t think my husband regrets our decision to buy the tub – he even uses it himself regularly. So, if you’re hesitant about the purchase, don’t be!

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