Guide to VirtoSoftware SharePoint Web Part

VirtoSoftware is a company that specializes in offering web parts that can add different functions to a SharePoint page. The company was originally launched in April 2009 and its web parts are currently being used by thousands of SharePoint users around the world. The high quality web parts the company produces have helped them to earn the Certified Partner Status for ISV solutions. Virto SharePoint web part can be used in many different ways including consolidating data, generate report of important data, perform quick calculation on data, list key information, highlight a project, remind users about the upcoming schedule, offers fast access to business news.

VirtoSoftware SharePoint web parts can be purchased individually or purchased in bundles to save money. Some of the web parts that Virto Software offers are kanban board, workflow activities, gantt chart view,form designer,resource managementand calendar web parts.

Virto Kanban Board web part can display all your to do tasks in Kanban board view. You can easily move tasks between swimlanes by the drag and drop tool. It includes a total option for events that provide Hours field that let you perform aggregation including sum up or calculate the average value. You can set the WIP limit to optimize the flow of the production management.

Virto Workflow Activities web part offers over 200 extra activities to work with the SharePoint Workflow Designer. The key features include activities for administration, workflow platform, image, array list, file, database, date time, code and fax activities. The activities included on Virto Workflow Activities can help you to save time on having to use a programming software to code them yourself.

Virto Resource Management web part makes it easy for you to manage your SharePoint projects efficiently. It makes use of color coding to show how many tasks are assigned to be completed within a set period of time. It allows you to set the task start and task finish time. With Virto Resource Management, you know exactly how much of the workload you are expected to finish within a time frame.

Virto calendar web part allows you to link to multiple calendars and display all the events from these calendar on a single calendar. The events in Virto calendar can be colored according to the category color that you have set. Images and file attachments can be included in the events entered in the calendar. This makes it convenient if you want someone who is going to access the calendar to see some pictures or view files.

VirtoSoftware web parts are compatible with Microsoft SharePoint 2007 – 2013 and it can also be used as an add-in for Office 365 apps. The professional at the company uses Ajax and Silverlight technology to create each of the web part. VirtoSoftware SharePoint web part is ready to use and it can save you time from having to programming one yourself. The default SharePoint software only provide web parts with basic functionalities. If you want the web part to have more functions, you will have to code it yourself. If you need advanced web parts for business use, you should not download the free web part online but purchase them from reputable providers like VirtoSoftware.

VirtoSoftware offers reusable web parts that can assist you in carrying out a task in the SharePoint software easily without much hassles. All web parts produced by VirtoSoftware comes with a 30 days trials with no limitation on the functionalities. This can you enough time to test drive the web part and decide for yourself whether you should buy it. VirtoSoftware offers free after purchase support and customers are also entitled to free upgrades that are launched afterwards.

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