Guide to Take Care Of Your Laptop For Optimal Performance

A laptop is a technological device that is used frequently. This is why it is important to take care of your laptop so that it works properly and you do not face any issues while using it. The only way to have optimum performance from your laptop at all times is to take proper care of it and follow the necessary precautions.

The most important thing you should remember is to not place any sort of food items or liquids near your laptop. They can cause severe damage to the hardware and even result in the electrical components being damaged beyond repair.

Always make sure your hands are clean before using your laptop. If there is any sweat or dirt on your hands, it can damage the exterior as well as making it difficult to use the touchpad on the laptop.

Keep your laptop in a clean and well-ventilated area that is generally of room temperature and you will not face any issues with your laptop. if laptop keeps overheating then use a laptop cooling pad. Taking these precautions gives you the maximum performance from your laptop without any problems.

Handle the laptop with care. Hold it by the base and do not keep any bulky items on top of your laptop. Shut the lid of the laptop gently and hold it from the middle so that there is no pressure on the hinges. Also make sure there is nothing on the keyboard when closing the lid as this can cause the LCD screen to get scratched.

Before cleaning your laptop, shut it down properly and plug it out of all power sources. Remove the battery as well. Hold the laptop upside down and gently tap it on the bottom so that any crumbs or debris falls out from the keys and crevices. Take a can of compressed air and blow it onto the keyboard. This draws out all the dust that is caught in the keyboard. This dust can be removed using a brush. Clean the laptop screen regularly so that the display resolution is of good quality. Use cotton swabs or compressed air to clean out the laptop ports. The interior of your laptop is best cleaned by a trained professional. Visit your local store to get it cleaned out properly. Upgrade your hard disk space and RAM from time to time.

Don’t keep your laptop plugged in to the battery for longer than it is necessary. This decreases the life span of your laptop. Also make sure that you are not completely draining your battery before charging it as this is also dangerous.

So these were some tips to keep your laptop safe and get the best of it.

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