Got a New Smartphone?

Here’s How to Handle it Properly

So you’ve got a new smartphone? First of all, I will not be a hypocrite and advise you to open up that manual and start perusing it for your sake. The problem is that there are no explicit instructions that tell you how to handle your smartphoneand possibly how to prolong its life.

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This article will be at your service and will spare you the boredom of reading a long and circuitous product manual.  Here are the fundamental things you need to know about your smartphone:

1.      Prolong its battery life. Wondering why your cool smartphonedepletes its precious power juice in less than two days? Well, it’s not as if you are the only one who is experiencing that kind of torment. We all have. The instant remedy for that is to decrease the screen brightness to 50 percent. The difference will be subtle and it will not affect your smartphoneexperience. Then, check if your Bluetooth is on; this can also deplete the power source of your smartphone. And yes, disable animated wallpapers.

2.      Properly tap the display surface. Users must understand that the smartphonescreens can be really sensitive and that it is improper- and destructive- to hold your fingers down on it for long or stab it with sharp objects. Gently tap the screen if you want to launch an application.

3.      Standby is different from Power Off. When your phone is powered off, you can’t make calls, send text messages, launch an app, or anything else. It’s as simple as that. But if you put your smartphoneonstandby mode, you are preventing the device from using unnecessary power. It only shuts off the screen. You can put your phone in this mode if you want to put your gizmo in your bag or you are in an important meeting where you want to avoid a possible distraction from your handset. In this case, I urge you to sell smartphoneimmediately.

4.      Do not spend too much on cases.Buying a protective case for your smartphoneis a wise thing to do, but buying busloadsof cases to suit each day of the week is ridiculous. The logical thing to assume is that the case will take the damage instead of your phone. I know that your smartphonecan be really classy and sleek, but showing it off defeats your primary purpose. You only need a simple protection to do the job. Don’t spend unless you absolutely need it.

5.      Use apps wisely.Now that you have a viable handset, the next question is what kinds of apps you need to download or install. Do not just rush to the nearest app store and hoard apps which you don’t even need or won’t use in your entire life. There are free applications that you can download and they can also come dirt cheap.

What are you waiting for? Enjoy that new smartphoneof yours and sell old phones today!


About Author: Maristella, a content writer and a web promoter for Cashforsmartphones where you can sell items like your SmartPhoneand laptop online.

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