Google the Giant

Scope of Decision:

As we all know that Growth can hide real problems, If at GOOGLE (as its going on fast track), it all came to screeching halt, what should Google do differently?, Should they do it know? Or should they go with the slower rate of Growth?

Google Analysis:

Well, we are discussing about the Google, Google – The Giant. From the start till now, Google grow with the excellent rate, launch number of products, and give the world a new way to explore, to meet, to find and to live.

In order to evaluate the Growth sustainability of any company, we must need to analysis the company’s internal and external factors, which in resultant bring the sprint in the organization’s success way.

Structure of the Google is one of the most important factor need to be analyzed. As google has The Flat Organization structure, where every manager has the direct reports, means there is no essence of the Multiple Layers between managers and the employees, which helps the communication to flow in a fine way, and increase the effectiveness of communication and also decrease the bureaucracy among the organization. These two factors related to organization structure help the organization’s culture to be stand like a Rock so they conquer the world.

Also, the Google has the Top-Down approach; they worked for the common mission with shared goals. Employees of the Google also don’t like to work with SOPs, but they try to find the best execution way for each work, which increases the effectivness.

Google’s Decision Making is purely based on the “Consensus”, and they were discusses in the meetings with Higher management. To make the any decision on the roll, 80% consensus require from the decion makers.

Google culture is based on the values like Creativity and Innovations. Google devoted the Best resources to find “The Best & Smartest People” who have dare to change the style. Google encourage the innovations, and invest the energy and time on risky projects to grab the new markets and to create new opportunities.

Its Goolge practice that each enhineer invest 20% of its time to work on any thing which they want, that encourages the innovation, and creates the potential opportunities to work upon.

Human resource practices at Google also develop their HR, they encourage innovativness and gives the “Recognition Awards” to employees based on innovations. Google organize the Qarterly forums, in which junior employees gives the ways to improve google, also managers spent time with entery level employees to improve their jobs.

Google employees take risk, & get results.

Engineers  use Project database to record all the ongoing projects, and through voting system, google employees suggest that which project going to be the best deal, the successful one get the higher resources.

Google creates its own culture, when they open any office to any country, first they hire the locals and ask them to work at head office, and then the create the same culture to local office.

As far as external factors concerns with the Google Rapid Growth, Google is meshed with the life of all internet users, Google giving the best products to the users, as more then 80% of the internet users use the Google for search engines, No match product like You Tube, The easiest and successful web mail service Gmail, Google Analytics –most power full analytics tools, Google Docs – use on mass level in organizations, Google Scholars-Students use in there researches, Google developer tools – IT professional using it, in a NUT SHELL – GOOGLE is Running in THE BLOOD of WORLD.

In the context of internal and external factor, each one of it is with Google Growth. Each internal facto and elements connect with each other and support each one; these supporting elements strengthen the Google towards its success.

The basic Google Organization Structure is the base in their success, it helps to encourage the  Innovations, while the HR practices helps to support the culture as they find the best and smartest resources and powered them with tools to develop the best products. At Google, employees are encourage to take risks and to be creative, they reward on their innovation. All these things are in balance shape which motivates the Google to drive with Smooth and with the Rapid Growth.

Through all this, Google will continue to grow on a rapid scale, because they have the complete and best system and best resources. All internal and external drivers are in balance and helping the google to smoothly travel.

The things which Google must work on are following;

Google must need to launch the End Users operating system, Google must work on it to grab the market of Microsoft windows, that will be the great turning point and there decision which will help them to grow further in a rapid pace.

Secondly, google need to go with mobile applications, as they are not In with mass level in mobile applications.

Also, the great step would be to Go with ONLINE MEDIA STREAMING, like netflex. As google model is completely depends on advertisements, so this would be the biggest market if they go.

Moreover, Google are still behind in online gaming, so they must go into it.