Google Nexus 4: Google’s Pride

Google is not just all about providing an effective means for people to search through the Internet anymore. It is also now strutting the scene where mobile providers excel. One of its latest pride is the Google Nexus 4. Powerful smartphones can cost an arm and a leg but Google has made it clear with this Smartphone that enjoying the functionalities offered by high-end smartphones is not exclusive to the elite class. It can also be enjoyed by those who only have an ample amount of money to spare.

nexus 4

How does Google Nexus 4 Fare in Performance?

The Google Nexus 4 is indeed a beauty running on a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro chip. Make a call, view videos, and watch movies online and you will instantly see the difference compared to other mediocre smartphones. In fact, it scored better than that Samsung Galaxy S3 when it comes to speed. Who says that Samsung and Apple are the only ones capable of producing smartphones that can keep up with strenuous daily tasks? For those who are looking for a Smartphone that has the ability to support business functions such as calls and VoIP applications, this one baby can keep up with you.

Is the Google Nexus Trendy Enough?

There is nothing good about a Smartphone if it you are ashamed of showing it to the world despite being a bundle of functionalities. This, too, must be chic enough to show to your friends or colleagues. The Google Nexus4 can be considered a standout with its simple black body screaming ultra-modern. Minimalist it may be but this is becoming the trend these days. If it was a lady, it can be described as geeky but demure, with an alluring beauty that is enigmatic. Its4.7 in size is perfect when you need to email someone because it makes it very easy to type, also suitable when you are on a meeting and you need to take down some notes. Its matte finish is a sight that you will never tire of, smartly finished in a checkerboard pattern.

Will you live with it Long Enough?

If someone decides to live with something for a long time such as Smartphone, then this thing is something that is able to keep up with the demands of daily tasks and is something that will not be outdated easily. Since the Google Nexus offers Android Jelly Bean as its processor, which is the latest processor powering the latest mobile phones, some users claim that after a month, they still liked the idea of owning this phone. It may also have helped that its camera takes picture perfect shots that only needs a little tweak here and there without you noticing that this was taken by a phone rather than a real digital camera.

Is there a Downside to the Google Nexus 4?

If there was one thing that the Google Nexus lags in, this would be its limited capability to storage. Other smartphones are now offering expandable memory for up to 64GB. The Google Nexus has limited capacity, only available in 8GB and 16GB and is not expandable. This can be a letdown for those who are video and picture addicts including those that are looking forward to use a multitude of applications with this phone. It also lacks LTE support and there were some reports that it cracks easily.

If you are a careful gadget user and do not mind the lack of storage, the Google Nexus 4 is one of the most powerful smartphones today that will not break your budget. It has great specs, ideal for browsing through your favorite web pages and watching videos.

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