Google Duplex – A Bot That May Turn You Life to Another End

Last few days Google’s has demonstrated one of its new AI assistant that is called Duplex. It’s not only smart but also one of the clearest and advance voice assistant that calls anyone as scheduled. In the Google I/O we have seen how the Google Assistant called up a hair salon to book an appointment. It very obvious that if the technology will be boosting at this speed level there would be days when we won’t have to move our hand and just device would be fulfilling our needs. Human-seeming conversation, with the receptionist, has even amazed the whole crowd that made many of the unaware audience about this new field.
We know that Robots doesn’t have ears and neither they listen and understand the human voice but the process that allows the assistant to order to hear and analyze the audio and the expression is the coming feature of Google Duplex. Through this voice assistant, the user voice from the end is being analyzed and require everyone that makes the machine learning a prominent act that allows the user to understand the phone call and constantly giving out the to consent and steady response.
It’s not clear how these eavesdropping laws affect Google Duplex. In fact, it’s so unclear that we can’t get a straight answer out of Google. A Google spokesperson told The Verge during I/O, where Duplex was unveiled, that the assistant would not be coming to a number of states, due to concerns about these “all-party” eavesdropping laws. But when asked again for clarification, a Google spokesperson told us that the I/O demo had been an early stage version of the product and that the final version would notify people in some way that they were either talking to a robot or being recorded.
“We are designing this feature with disclosure built-in, and we’ll make sure the system is appropriately identified,” said the spokesperson.

The Hidden Secrets

At this point in time Google has declined that if they record the entire phone call or a bit of it to understand the proper working of their bot but there are rumours that Duplex runs can cause many conversations to go at Google end, Duplex, as was shown at I/O, doesn’t allow users to access any recordings or even to listen in on the conversation as it’s happening. For all we know, the recordings are being made, analyzed, and destroyed very quickly.

Benefits Behind Duplex?

  1. There are many benefits of using this Duplex technology that may take your business to another shore and gives it an automated life or I can say if you are using it for personal use your fantasy of cloning yourself may now fulfill to some extent as now your work is done by your assistant. So, now booking online reservations can now easily be done and listing your appointment is very easy now.
  2. Secondly, it could make specific local data online more accurate. Google cited the example of store opening hours in Google search at special times of the year.
  3. Google says that current human-computer voice interactions don’t engage in a conversation flow and force the caller to adjust to the system instead of the system adjusting to the caller.


GOOGLE I/O is clearly one of the best platform that shows the advance features of the Google and showing of the best in class Google Duplex. We even can’t weather this device would make our life a lot easier or not but we can surly say that Google technology would always achieve its goal in terms of all ranges and expertise. Gradually, Sundar Pichi has said that the assistant would be more human like speaker and would be the future of visual speach.