Common Google AdWords Mistakes Your Probably Doing Now

Google AdWords is one of the best online tools for marketers to help increase foot traffic to websites. However, AdWords can come with a large cost, so it’s important to properly manage marketing campaigns for a high return. Unfortunately, a poorly run marketing campaign can run up a large AdWords bill and may even lower the traffic to your site. Below, we’ll be talking about the most common Google AdWords mistakes that marketers and business owners make, to help run the most successful marketing campaign possible.

Failing Grouping Keywords Properly

The way Google AdWords is set up is so you can create a few different campaign ad groups to further manage other campaigns. However, in every campaign, you can break up your keywords and ads into “ad groups.” But, failing to use these ad groups can severely cripple your marketing efforts. Some marketers and business owners make the mistake on combining all the keywords into a single ad group, rather than spreading them out into different ad groups.

We suggest that you don’t use more than 20 keywords for each ad group. Although you can use a little more than 20, exceeding the 20 keyword amount shows that your keywords aren’t being searched for enough.

Not Knowing Your Competition

Don’t make the mistake of not knowing what type of ads your competitors are using for their marketing campaign efforts. It’s important that you know who your direct competition is, what their landing pages are, and what keywords they are marketing with.

The first step is reviewing your competitor’s ad copy and seeing what marketing approach they are taking. Next, look over their landing page and note how you can improve your own pages. Finally, based on what you’ve learned, create new ad copy and landing pages, testing your conversion rates until you create ones that meet your marketing goals.

Failing to Bid on Your Own Brand

Any marketing professional like PPC Pro by Local Digital will tell you it is a mistake not to bid on your own brand. They think that, if they already rank organically for their brand, there is no need to advertise for it. However, other businesses may take advantage of your failure. They will advertise on your brand and target your customers. Even if you rank first for your brand, your competitor’s advertising will still appear directly above your listing. Fixing this mistake is very easy, though. All you need to do is bid the highest for your brand.

Ignoring Other Platforms

Though Google may be the most popular search engine, it is not the only search engine. There are a few other fairly popular paid search platforms out there. In order to make the most of your advertising opportunities, you should think about using these other options. These other platforms include Bing and social media websites like Facebook and LinkedIn. Depending on your business and how much work you put into them, these platforms can be just as, if not more, successful as Google AdWords. Keep in mind, however, that each platform has its own unique advantages and challenges. Be sure to work with the platform and don’t turn away from new opportunities.