Get Over the Top and Limitless Gaming Experience-Your Own Way

They are pushing it to the limits. With cutting edge technology and some over the top features it has been like never before. With high end specifications and limitless advancements here comes Sony with its latest edition of play station3. The play station slim, with 0.4 inches of thickness it is so far the slimmest gaming console ever made and guess what it has everything to carry you off. 160gb space, blue-ray disc playing facility, infrared, Bluetooth, wifi, HD support and what not.

So far we haven’t heard from Sony about play station4, but this brand new punched surprise will surely knock your heads. With all gaming consoles like ps4 and xbox 720 might unveil next summer this new addition has stormed it. With 6sku’s in the Playstation series sony is nailing it.

Design and Features

Sony has decided to go off the limits beyond every hurdle and competition they have yet again arrived with something unbelievable. The new Sony ps3 “SLIM” what experts are calling it is just a simple new addition to their series as quoted by sony. But yes it is awesome. With 0.4 inches of thickness sleek metallic shiny look and curves at a right place makes it a must buy. It’s fast and gives you high detailed graphics that left you with a craving for more.

You Endless Entertainment is Your Way Now

Breathtaking graphics, endless blue-ray play, wifi and Bluetooth let you watch movies, play games and connect online with your friends in your own way. Here come the ps3 slim with next level features.

Remote Play

Stay connected with you entertainment link your ps3 and psp devices and enjoy the limitless drama and gaming and share the experience across your tv also. The remote play option lets you connect with devices wirelessly so that you can play it the way you like it.


Cross Device Play

When you are tired of playing it with a remote just pause there and pick up your psp while relaxing on your sofa. Start to play from right where you just paused it. The feature lets you relax and play games on your own way.


Tv Play

Play, pause, rewind and record your favorite tv programmes with play-tv feature. This allows you to work with ease as your favorite stuff is stored at the right time in your device.

Play Games in 3D

Your gaming experience has a new dimension. Enter the whole new world of gaming graphics and experience with 3D view so that you have a better look and experience like never before. The graphics are stunning and with surround sound capability it has everything like a theatre like gaming experience.

The ultimate in gaming and home entertainment, PlayStation3 transports creates brand new experiences for the whole family. Go on incredible adventures, watch movies in stunning High Definition, dive into a world of entertainment with free access to PlayStation Network and more. One console, unlimited possibilities.


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