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Nowadays our lives have become busy and that is why we find mobile phones the easiest way to communicate with others. Smartphone has mobile-phone-insurancebecome an important part of our life because of the convenience it offers us. Smartphones provide us the means of everything just within seconds but with that, there is a level of risk in losing your phone by any way. Your phone can be stolen or can be misplaced with the important data you have stored on it.

However, coping up with such a lost is possible now. Do you know how? You must have noticed that these days, a lot of insurance providing companies are operating in the market to facilitate different kinds of insurance needs. Imagine that you lose everything including your clothes, your house, pets, etc. in such a situation, insurance companies prove fruitful by compensating you in a way you want, and for this, you just have to pay certain amount per year or per month all over as a whole protection. The best part is that insurance companies have become quite common that you can easily find then by considering any o the followings sources:

You can ask your other family members, as getting insurance policies is quite common these days. Moreover, recommendations from friends, colleagues, and neighbors can also be taken.

You can ask your account or bank manager, as people working in the same field know each other and all of them are related to financial field.

You will be amazed to know that all insurance companies are providing amazing services along with amazing rates to their clients. The best part is the availability of 15% discount on the insurance of multiple gadgets. Yes, if you are the owner of multiple gadgets like laptop, smartphone, iPad, etc. and you insure all of them from a single insurance provider then you will surely enjoy its discounted rates.

Apart from discounted rates, all the insurance companies offer different kinds of coverage facility on gadgets. The details are as follows:


If your phone happened to be damaged due to meeting any kind of accident obviously, the phone will not be repaired but can be replaced with a brand new one right instantly and this is possible only when your gadget will be insured.


The smartphones screens are very sensitive and they tend to get cracked even if they hit the floor once. In such a situation, only an insured gadget can be replaced or repaired.

Water Damage

Even if you drop the phone in the water, or spill coffee on it where it makes the phone unable to use, the insurance policy will cover it and you can easily enjoy using your phone later on.


If you occur into a situation where you have been theft, the insurance company will give you a new one so that you do not happen to be without the cell phone, which is very important, nowadays.

Insurance protection

If your phone is stolen and someone is misusing it then the insurance will pay up to £100 towards the unauthorized calls made by your phone.

Apart from this, all the insurance companies also offer certain advantages to its clients. The details are as follows:

1.      Fast replacement of the mobile phone

Some insurers offer very fast replacement if your phone has been lost or stolen. This is important to consider as many of us cannot go a day without our phones.

2.      Get You Phone Repaired Instantly

If you need to repair your phone, then you can visit the website and under the help and support tab, you can input the details to repair your cell phone.

3.      Enjoy International Insurance Policy

Even if you are traveling around the world, even then the insurance will be valid according to the policy. With this kind of policy, one can keep one’s gadgets safe in any corner of the world.

4.      Discount Facility

If you want to register more than one gadget, you may get special discount. For two gadgets, you will be able to get 10% discount and for multiple gadgets, 15% discount.

The best part is that these insurance companies can be access over a single phone call. Make a call and take help from their representatives. They will explain you all the available policies and will also offer you the facility to pay monthly or annually as per your need.

In nutshell, you can say that now you can insure your valuables, as we all know that incidents like thefts have increased a lot in all over the world. You need to understand that each gadget is expensive and to protect the gadget is quite an essential thing. However, you should keep in mind that one should avail the services of a reliable and professional insurance provider in order to avoid any hassle in the future.

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