Games on Google+ Now

Games compatibility was the only lacking area of Google+ to compete Facebook but its not anymore. Google+ has announced officially that they are going to launch games compatibility to their network.

In the initial stage google+ is going to compatible to the 16 games to introduce including “Bejeweled” and “Angry Birds” and the number of games would be rolled out gradually in grab the attentions of the games lover over Google+ platform.

Google added that the users will see the colorful Games option/button soon at the top right side of the page for the users to join the google+ gaming zone.

Google+ games page will show the updates about the games including gaming updates about the people in your circle, new invitations, gift sending receiving updates and accomplishment exactly like Facebook.

Google also added that this page would be dedicated to the games lovers and if someone don’t want this option can get rid easily off the page.

Practicing to launch gaming option on google+ will enable the third party developers to extend their capability in social media world.

A very positive move by google by launching games page as the huge amount of community are very much active in gaming on social media site and the Facebook is the leader to facilitate their users by providing immaculate games over the web and now Google+ will attract more users by this option.