Four Must-Have Twitter Apps For Your Browser

Updating and managing your Twitter account can be time consuming especially if you have several accounts. Fortunately, there are a bevy of third-party applications that you can download to make your task of updating your tweets simple and less time-consuming. Let us take a look at four of these helpful tools.


Used by companies such as McDonald’s, Pepsico, Sony Music, among others, Mashable CEO Pete Cashmore described HootSuite as an important tool that efficiently monitors conversations and measure campaign results. Scheduling and sending your updates will never be a problem with this application. It provides easy Twitter integration so you can create new lists and easily follow those already in your list.

From your dashboard, you can easily see the trending topics by clicking the Search box. When you search for a keyword or user, a pop-up box will appear showing the results of your search. From there, you can start saving stream to your dashboard.


If you find Hootsuite quite challenging, another good option is Seesmic. It has a darker option than HootSuite. Although it can be used to connect several social media accounts, it is ideal for one or two networks. Compared to HootSuite’s dashboard, Seesmic has darker edges and offers more spacing around the columns which makes it more pleasant to use. However, its only drawback is the absence of features like tabs and analytics.


Although it is one of the most popular social media dashboards, TweetDeck has taken a step backwards with the latest changes it has implemented. One of the main issues in the latest version of TweetDeck is column sizing. However, one of the major advantages of the new TweetDeck is the additional two columns which make it quite handy. There is an interaction column which shows not only mentions of your username but also retweets of your updates.

The addition of a bright blue square in the Update box makes it unique and stands out so you are likely to miss it. But the lack of tabs in TweetDeck demands a lot of scrolling to see all your columns.


A social media dashboard that is starting to gain in terms of popularity is Twimbow. It offers a wide range of impressive features that will give users control on how they want to personalize their dashboard. The color coding is preset but can be easily customized as well as the items that appear in the Personal Buzz.

From the screen, you can add different kinds of columns such as lists, searches, and hashtag or user streams. When idle, the monitor will appear as a grey bar located at the bottom of the dashboard. It also has a music player that lets users not only listen but also create a playlist of their favorite tracks.

These social media dashboards will surely make your Twitter experience a worthwhile and easy experience.


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