Four Great Apps to Help You Save and Manage Your Money More Effectively

For some people, saving money can come as second nature. These people often have high levels of self-restraint where they can avoid even the most tempting of sales for adding a few extra dollars to their savings account.

Then there is the other 99.99 percent of people who love to shop and spend their money, ending up with little to no savings.

If you sound like the 99.99 percent and want to get into that tiny fraction of people who can save easily, below are some great apps to help you on your journey to financial freedom.

Groupon Coupons

If you aren’t checking the Groupon Coupons app for deals before you purchase something new each time, then you are paying too much! Coupons have become the trendy new way for consumers to save money on everyday products. Whether it is clothes, electronics, or even the Groupon Coupons page for Shari’s Berries, deals and discounts are out there and are in abundance!


The idea behind Acorns is that allows regular people to invest small amounts of money and receive cash returns. Acorns connect to your bank’s internet portal and monitor your transactions. With the option selected, the app rounds up each of your purchases and collects the difference, which it then invests in a portfolio of your pre-choosing. This makes a great way for anybody to put away real money without noticing it.

Debt Free

If you find yourself in a large amount of debt and just can’t see any light at the end of the tunnel, it’s likely that you just haven’t mapped out your debts and planned out how best to tackle them. This is a task which Debt Free excels at. By simply inputting your financial details, Debt Free presents you with an easy to understand dashboard of your debts and lines of credit. The dashboard shows you information on how much interest is accruing, how long it will take to clear each debt, and also provide information to help you decide which debt to tackle first to minimize your interest payments.

Google Sheets

That’s right – the simple spreadsheet app is also great for helping you to manage your money. Start with your web browser and set up a monthly budget, including all of the calculations you need for a fully automated spreadsheet budget. Once you have this established, install the Google Sheets app, and you now have direct read/write access to your monthly budget, allowing you to make small changes to it on the go, along with seeing your combined balances at a glance. If you don’t consider yourself a spreadsheet professional, search online for a template to get you started.

If you thought that your phone was just useful for texting, tweeting, and sharing photos on social media, you are in for a surprise when it comes to managing your financial. In addition to these apps, don’t be afraid to take a browse through your phone’s app store for alternatives which may appeal more to your needs.

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