Four features to Prioritize before choosing a Custom Software Developer

Doing business is not about staying in offices these days. In commencement, we have to do and spend a lot. Earlier, merely inaugurations and getting news of it published in the print media was needed. Now, no matter you are an owner of a huge corporation or you run any mini business of catering, you have to take tough decisions. You must opt software development outsourcing. Your very own software is going to aid you in making your business go viral and handle it easily. If you opt custom one, it is going to give a glimpse of your standard, creativity, and ideas to your clients.

A custom software is like a suit tailored just for your business. It is coined with special features to meet exceptional demands, which off-the-shelf software cannot give to you. Not merely does it is customized, it lets your whole team increase its efficiency.

Often, we make mistakes. Some of them can be corrected but they end up giving us a financial-shock. In case of hiring or outsourcing software development professionals, no mistake can be afforded. You must prevent burning money on bad hires. It is time to consider the following key points when hiring any custom software developer (  ) or firm:

Project Timing: They must Deliver on Time.

Your foremost priority must be timing. We must look for someone who has the capability to deliver your custom software within a reasonable deadline without doing any compromise with regard to the quality. As per a study was done by PM Solutions, up to 37% of IT projects are at risk of failure every year. The prominent reason is the inability of developers to meet the delivery schedule. The percentage of success has to be one of the first things. You must not forget to look for in a custom software developer. You need to be sure to check the history and portfolio of your developer for telltale signs of reliability as well as work ethic. You must make the most of your investment by assuring that no further costs are incurred owing to failure to deliver on time. You must only go for the option that can keep risks chances almost zero.

Your Business Requirements: What Are You Eyeing At?

It is fact that arriving at the appropriate software solutions only begins when you tackle & understand your business problems. You must identify the specific demands that you need, which only q custom software can solve. You need to consider that whether you require a specific feature that is going to simplify your tough workflows; Or do you require a platform that is going to centralize your team communication. Understanding well what has to be done is going to aid you on what to look for whilst hunting for the perfect hire.

Budget: How Much Their service Is Going To Influence Your Bank Balance?

All projects cost. It is a significant element that can influence your whole hiring decision. You must your budget via a cost estimation that includes hardware as well as software costs, travel & training costs, & effort costs, among others. Actually, developing a custom software is more cost-efficient than buying any off-the-shelf software. In reality, a study done by Forrester has reported that IT shops spend around 29% of their software budget on custom software development as compared to 38% spent on packaged application software, which means 9% lower budget. However, you need to be wary of unreasonably low budgets, as it can lead you to bad hires & compromise the quality of custom software that you desire to develop.

Technological Expertise: Are They Technologically Proficient?

Whenever you are hiring a custom software developer or firm, you must consider the type of technology & methodology that are needed to build the tool you require. Few developers are proficient in Java technology whilst others are experts in.Net applications. It is very necessary to opt somebody who has the ability to execute the right methodology to minimize your costs whilst maximizing your gains. You must keep in your mind, custom software development is not limited to merely one programming or scripting language. There are vast variations out there, with various tools & frameworks to be utilized for specific circumstances. So, you have to look at technological expertise, versatility, & ability to mix various tools to get your task done – whether it is cutting any edge software or legacy applications.


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